Top 10 University Group Travel Programs

September 5, 2016
Nicci Mende
4 min read
university group travel

Ready for an A+ group travel experience? Whether you are a first year undergrad or finished your degree years ago, university group travel programs are an amazing way to see the world. Learn, explore and get insider tips from the experts. There’s nothing like having a hands-on learning experience at the most important sites around the globe. Combine your love of learning with your love of travel! Check out our ten favorite university group travel programs.

The Top 10 University Group Travel Programs

New York University

The NYU Global Travel Team has joined forces with Destination Partners and WorldStrides to create comprehensive travel services for more than 400 destinations around the planet. With trips to more than 50 countries planned in the past three years, these guys know what they are doing. Organize a field trip or just nab discounts for your own group getaway.

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Oregon State University

With countless adventures filling their calendar, OSU has a group travel program that is second to none. Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Sites along the Danube while sailing with a University group travel expert at your side to bring the history to life. To step back in time, explore the mummies and pyramids of Egypt while getting an insight into the world of 4,000 years ago.

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Indiana University

Meet fellow students and graduates while you travel some of the world’s most remarkable places. Leave the arrangements to the university then sit back and enjoy. With upcoming trips like the Legends of the Nile tour guided by IU’s resident Egyptian expert and an endless array of European cultural tours, there’s something for everyone at Indiana U.

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Stanford University

Get insider access and nourish your mind with Stanford’s world class University group travel program. Go on a Patagonia Field Seminar and take in the natural beauty of South America. See James Joyce’s old haunts and explore the literary history of Dublin. Ready for something more exotic? Follow in the footsteps of Marco Polo and venture into the Far East.

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Miami University

Join the official Miami University group travel program, the Miami Explorers! Discover the hidden gems of Cuba, sail the south Pacific, study the Galapagos Islands or uncover the wild side of Alaska.

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University of Illinois

See the world with the University of Illinois’ Explorers travel program. Bask in the sun and take in the culture of the Grecian Delights tours spanning from Istanbul to Athens. Live it up on the Captivating Mediterranean tour from Barcelona to Athens. Chill out on a tour of Antarctica. Explore Tahiti, French Polynesia or head to the jaw dropping Machu Picchu. Whatever you like, the University of Illinois group travel program has got it!

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Smithsonian University

See the planet with world-class scientists and historians at your side. Thanks to a partnership between the Smithsonian Institution and WorldStrides, you can explore every corner of the globe. Spend Inauguration Day 2017 in Washington DC to see history in the making. Gawk at the pandas and learn about conservation in China with the experts. Travel from Washington DC to Moscow for a first class education in space exploration.

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University of Chicago

The U of Chicago’s Oriental Institute has one of the most impressive University group travel programs in the the United States. See the Wonders of Ancient Egypt, explore the Splendors of Georgia and Armenia or learn about the Ancient Land of Persia for the adventure of a lifetime.

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University of Michigan

Feeling inspired to plan your own adventure? Thanks to an alumnus gift, students at U of M can now apply for $1,000 in student group travel funding to help to create the itinerary of a lifetime. It’s time to start planning!

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North Carolina Central University

Explore the hidden side of the United Arab Emirates, have moon cakes in Beijing or discover the rich cultural heritage of South Africa with the extraordinary the North Carolina Central University group travel program.

Even if your school doesn’t have an active university group travel program, you can still take advantage of your student status. From airfare to train tickets to accommodation to entrance fees to coffee, you can get a reduced price on nearly everything when you are in school. Wherever you go, keep your student card handy and ask about discounts.

Your university didn’t make the cut? Never fear! You can take your college experience into your own hands by forming your own student travel group. Take advantage of WeTravel’s group travel planning tool to go on everything from career treks to alternative spring break trips.