Best Destinations For Your University Sports Team Tours

October 19, 2019
Azzura Ricci
5 min read

Looking for destination ideas for your university sports team tours? Sports tours are the perfect opportunity for the team to strengthen bonds, meet people who share a common interest in the sport, and discover a new country.

As the organizer, you want to ensure you get the team in front of strong competitors while on tour and that they also have a great time exploring the destination they are in.

Sports are enjoyed by universities and clubs the world over, so the options are endless. Here are a few of our favorite places you could consider as destinations for university sports team tours.


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Best Destinations For Sports Team Tours


Argentina lives and breathes football. Buenos Aires, in particular, is home to many clubs – professional, amateur, and university. Your football team will have no shortage of chances to pit themselves against competitors who are passionate about the sport.

In addition to football, rugby and hockey are played at this level. Rugby is gaining popularity in the country, and touring teams can volunteer to coach or provide rugby education to younger players within the local communities.

Travel-wise, Buenos Aires is a grand and lively city to visit. The architecture within the capital has earned it the name of Paris of South America, and the nightlife and food scene are not easily topped. The team will have a fabulous time learning to tango or enjoying the many live music venues on offer.

San Nicolas Buenos Aires


Melbourne is a sport crazy city and an ideal destination for many sports team tours. Surfing, hockey, rugby, football, netball, and beach volleyball, among others, are practiced at university and club level. If the team is up for adding another city or two into the itinerary, you could arrange to road trip onto Sydney and Brisbane as well.

Australia is a place for the adventurous. There are beautiful beaches to enjoy and cosmopolitan cities to explore. From iconic surfing beaches to spectacular harbors, great food, and interesting wildlife, your team will have a hard time fitting in all the amazing experiences and sites there are to see.


Sports culture is big in Croatia, and because it is a proud sporting nation, you can organize a variety of team tours to this European country.

Football is by far the most popular with the Croatians. However, they are also competitive in water polo, basketball, volleyball, and rugby. Include Zagreb, Zadar, Split, and Dubrovnik in the itinerary to experience some of the best competition and scenery the country has to offer.

When not on the field or in the water competing, the team can relax on the Adriatic coastline. Island-dotted azure waters, balmy temperatures, and historical walled towns are the ideal settings to unwind after a competitive game.

Dubrovnik Croatia


Summon the luck of the Irish and take your sports teams on tour to experience the Celtic hospitality.  Players from the country are competitive in rugby, netball, hockey, squash, rowing, and basketball, to name a few.

As Dublin is home to several top universities, you would be amiss to exclude it from the itinerary. Other towns to stop in at include Galway and Cork. Our recommendation is to find any excuse to let the team take a road trip and experience the breathtaking countryside in the Emerald Isle.


When it comes to just about anything, Japan is extremely organized. That includes planning their sporting event calendar. If you are thinking of sending the team on a sports tour here, be sure to book long in advance to get competitive matches to fill the schedule.

Hockey, football, rugby, and basketball players will be able to get their share of fixtures in Japan. Because the transport infrastructure is so good, you will be able to travel as much as you like. Start in Tokyo and make your way across to Kyoto. Let the team take in the views of Mount Fuji and marvel at the magnificent Geisha dance along the way.

Kyoto geishas


Malaysia is a diverse and dynamic country. It is not surprising then that the range of sports the Malaysians take part in is extensive too. You could easily organize sports team tours to participate in rugby, hockey, netball, football, volleyball, or basketball matches, among others.

Kuala Lumpur is an ideal central base to work from. Depending on what the team is eager to experience when not competing, travel experiences range from beautiful beaches, culture-filled cities, delicious cuisines, and wildlife encounters in majestic rainforests.

South Africa

Sport is second nature for South Africans; they are avid players and spectators of several school, university, and club level events. One of the most loved cities in the country is Cape Town, and popular team tours to book in the Mother City include rugby, hockey, football, squash, and surfing.

The city is consistently ranked among the top tourism destinations of the world and for good reason. It is largely affordable, breathtakingly beautiful, a melting pot of cultures, and topped by the magnificent Table Mountain.

When the team is off the clock, they can enjoy experiences such as wine tasting, hiking, whale watching, or relaxing on one of the pristine beaches.

Table Mountain Cape Town

Saint Lucia

This Caribbean island is both down to earth as well as downright beautiful. And although cricket is the favorite sport here, football and netball are also loved by Saint Lucians.

Partaking in sports team tours on the sovereign island country will give the players the chance to engage in community coaching projects in addition to competing with the local clubs and universities.

When they are off the field, players can explore hidden beaches, zip line forest canopies, gaze upon the Pitons, and enjoy delicious Creole cuisine.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed our ideas on the best sports team tour destinations to take your players.

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