5 Ways to Accept Online Bookings in Your Website with WeTravel

June 27, 2018
Keri Pfeiffer
3 min read

To succeed in the travel industry, you need to have a beautiful website that is functional, informative and provides a seamless customer journey. You also need to make sure that it works across multiple devices, especially on mobile. With WeTravel’s embedding possibilities it’s easy to create a seamless booking and payment experience for your customer, fully optimized for mobile booking.

We have created an embedding widget that creates a code for your website with a few clicks. Just find the widget on your WeTravel trip page and take a look at the 5 ways it helps you to embed the trip into your website:

1. Book Now Button

Best for: Companies who display all tour information on their website and need better payment & booking management

One of the quickest and most popular solutions is to create a customizable Book Now button that allows your customers to book your trip directly on your website. Clicking on the button initiates our embedded checkout process. It creates an iFrame overlay on your webpage, keeping your clients on your website while they’re booking and keeping your branding more consistent – everything’s happening under your domain name.

If you want to learn more then here’s the tutorial on how to create and customize a Book Now button.

2. Pricing packages showing real-time availability

Best for: Companies that want to show the real-time availability of each package on their website

Another way to embed your trip is to use the pricing package widget that shows real-time availability of spots left on your trip. The widget also showcases your review ratings. Again, clicking on the button initiates our embedded checkout process described above.

If you want to learn more then here’s the tutorial on how to create and customize the pricing package widget.

3. Overview of all of your WeTravel trips

Best for: Companies that don’t want to update their website each time a new trip is added

An alternative way to embed your WeTravel trips is to show a full overview of your public trips. There is a customizable button for every trip in the widget. Clicking the button opens your WeTravel trip in a new tab, where the customer can find more details and book.
All Trips WeTravel Widget
If you want to learn more then here’s the tutorial on how to create the trips overview widget.

4. Direct link to your WeTravel trip

Best for: Companies that want to use WeTravel without adding code to their website

The easiest way to direct people to your WeTravel booking page is to add a direct link to your website. You can also use this link with button creators on websites like Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace. You can direct your customers either to the booking page with the trip description, pictures, and itinerary or straight to the payment page where the booking takes place. This is also the best option for users that use website creators that do not allow iFrame HTML code.


5. Offer Flexible Dates for Recurring Trips

Do you have a trip that’s available on multiple dates during the year or the season?

If yes, then our Calendar Feature will help you to manage recurring trips easily; including the ability to block off unavailable dates, make seasonal pricing adjustments and manage availability per date. Your clients will be able to easily select and book the trip on a given date.

BONUS: Your WeTravel reviews

Best for: Anyone who wants to showcase their wonderful WeTravel reviews directly in their website.

The easiest way to showcase your WeTravel reviews is to embed our widget into your website. If you want to learn more then here’s the tutorial on how to use this widget!

If you need more help in embedding one of these widgets into your website then we have tutorials for WeeblyWix,  Squarespace, and WordPress users. For other questions, check out our help center.