Website & Payment Must-Haves to Maximize Tour Conversions

September 24, 2020
Wetravel Story Writer
< 1 min read

New tour requests are at an all-time low. As they begin to recover, the need to increase your tour conversions online and offline will be vital to the early recovery of your travel company. Together with our very own WeTravel experts Luke and Maria, we tackle insights and early booking trends that will help your travel business get ready.

Topics discussed

  • Some technologies and must have’s you should consider for your website
  • Thoughts on how travelers’ behaviors have changed during COVID-19.
  • Key areas of WeTravel’s technology that can improve your booking process.
  • Why providing mobile options to your travelers is important.

Watch the Replay:


About WeTravel

Create link payments, travel pages for your clients, or integrate booking buttons on your website. WeTravel is in charge of processing, ordering and managing your reservations in a simple and secure way. Transfer the money from your reservations to other WeTravel accounts in the world (agencies, vendors, etc.) or quickly to your bank account in your country. No implementation costs required. Check out our 1 minute video.