Welcome to WeTravel

July 10, 2014
Azzura Ricci
< 1 min read

What is WeTravel

WeTravel is the online platform for group tour organizers. Built to simplify large group tours, our platform provides organizers with pre-departure tools to collect funds and organize logistics. In addition, trip organizers can find travelers by featuring their trip on the WeTravel marketplace. Travelers gain access to unique trips unavailable elsewhere.

Who uses WeTravel to organize trips?

Our platform has been used by a wide variety of trips, ranging from yoga retreats, student trips, bachelorette trips, dance trips to team travel.

How does WeTravel make the organizer’s job easier?

Our platform allows organizers to create a beautiful listing for their trip in minutes. Organizers can collect deposits directly on the WeTravel platform and then easily transfer the funds to their account or directly to a travel agent or airline (even internationally, at much better exchange rates than banks!!!) Our powerful dashboard makes refunds super easy and allows organizers to collect any outstanding amounts with a few clicks.

WeTravel makes communicating with travelers easy and collects essential information from the travelers (e.g. How many vegetarians are coming? When is everyone arriving? Do travelers prefer going to X or Y?). In short, it takes the pain out of the backend logistics.