WeTravel Launches a Discount Codes Option!

August 9, 2017
Keri Pfeiffer
4 min read

At WeTravel we want to help you plan and organize the best trip that you can. Our free trip booking page tool allows you to get your trip online and share it with your potential customers. When you’re ready to take payments, the WeTravel payment gateway will take care of it for you at the lowest rates in the industry. And now WeTravel have included the option to add a discount code!

Introducing discount codes

We realize that trip organizers often want to offer discounts or promo codes to early sign ups or loyal customers. Providing a discount code for your group trip could help you to sell more spaces, or drive more traffic to your trip page.

WeTravel Discount Codes

How to use discount codes to increase sales

We know that selling out your trip isn’t always an easy. You can employ SEO marketing, flyers, and social media marketing to help, but adding discount codes is another element worth considering. Discount codes can help you with sales in several different ways:

  • Encouraging faster sales with an early-bird price
  • Boosting your trip sign-ups with a daily or weekly code. This creates an element of urgency and scarcity that can encourage people to take action if they’re considering joining a group trip.
  • Rewarding loyal customers by giving them a discount if they come on another trip, or refer a friend
  • Providing partners with discounts they can give to their audiences to increase your reach

How to add discount codes to your WeTravel trip

You can add discount codes to your WeTravel trip in three easy steps:

1. Go to your “Edit Trip” page

You’ll find the option to add a discount code to your WeTravel trip under the “Pricing” tab (4th on the left). Choose “YES” for the question “Are you offering discount codes?”

WeTravel Discount Codes

2. Add the discount code details

Click on “Add discount code” under the above option, and a pop-up will appear. Choose a name for your discount and select either a set amount or a percentage of the full price. You also have the option to limit the number of times the code is used, which is useful if you’re trying to encourage potential customers to take advantage of a discount quickly. Click “Save Code” to exit the pop-up.

WeTravel Discount Codes

3. Publish the discount code

Any changes made in editing your WeTravel trip will not be saved until you hit the “Publish” button. Click this and your discount code will be made available to customers. If you want to check out what it looks like, you’ll now see the additional “Discount code” field on the checkout page of your trip.

WeTravel Discount Codes

4. Disabling or ending the discount

There is no automatic end date for your WeTravel discount code. You can set a limit to the number of times it can be used, but it’s a good idea to remove the code entirely when this is reached. When you want to end your WeTravel discount code just go back to the “Edit trip” page, select the “Pricing” tab again and delete the discount code. Remember you need to hit the ‘Publish” button to save the change.

Pro Tip: Use discount codes with caution

Although discount codes can result in more sales for your trip, you should also use them with caution. Studies have shown that a discount code field at the checkout can result in lower conversions because customers will see this and then leave the page to search the internet for a working code. If they don’t find one they may not come back to the page, believing they will come across one later or because they are frustrated.

You can combat this by making sure all discount codes for your WeTravel trip are clearly laid out and described in your trip description. If the customer feels like they’re getting a special deal by booking right now rather than waiting, they are more likely to do so!

WeTravel Discount Codes

So, if you need help with taking payments and the administration of your trip, then start planning with WeTravel today. Create your trip listing for free, and consider using a discount code to drive more sales!