Introducing WeTravel Growth Capital: Funding Access To Support Travel Businesses

November 8, 2022
Zaky Prabowo (he/him)
3 min read


As WeTravel’s Chief Operations Officer, I have the incredible opportunity to manage our customer-support departments who work with our thousands of clients to onboard, manage and assist their operations through WeTravel’s platform. 

As a client-centric business–created by travelers, for all group travel businesses and tour operators–we recognize that owning and operating a travel business is complex. From attracting global clientele to working with local suppliers to managing on-the-ground operations, the always-changing travel landscape requires you to constantly maneuver your business to run successfully. We exist to make it easier.

With an array of travel-specific tools within our platform–from cross-functional administration to automated marketing to cross-border payments–we move with you, constantly evolving our product to meet your needs.

Part of what makes our product a strong market-fit is our deep understanding of individual operational needs. Last year, as part of our annual survey, we asked clients how we could help their businesses grow, and one of the most common refrains was, “We need access to capital to fuel the next chapter of our growth.”

We took the feedback to heart, diligently working for 10 months to make this a reality for all business owners that want to grow – and funding access is slowing them down. Today, we are thrilled to launch WeTravel Growth Capital, providing to any eligible travel business instant funding options to support their operations. 

With the funding access, travel businesses can pursue new opportunities, expand market reach, invest in critical business infrastructure, or grow their operations. Though, how you use your funding is up to you.

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What Is WeTravel Growth Capital?

WeTravel Growth Capital will provide a huge diversity of travel-related businesses with quick access to affordable capital that can be used to address unexpected expenses, expand into new markets, invest in critical infrastructure, or take advantage of strategic opportunities.

Funding options include term loans of up to $10m, receivables advances of up to $750k, lines of credit of up to $10m, and more. 

Who’s Eligible?

North American travel businesses of virtually any size and type can get access to funding through WeTravel Growth Capital, including group tour operators, custom travel providers, travel agencies, destination management companies, retreat hosts, educational travel organizers, and more. 

Meet these minimum requirements and you’re eligible:

  • $10k average monthly revenue
  • 6 months in business
  • 550 credit score

How Can I Apply?

Applying is quick and easy. This can be done by clicking on a pre-qualification offer from the WeTravel Growth Capital application center. The process takes less than 15 minutes to complete and is fully electronic. Once you’ve begun the application process, a dedicated funding advisor will work with you from start to finish and will be there to answer any questions along the way.

Completing the application requires light details to start. During the underwriting process, additional documents may be requested based on specific lender requirements. If any are needed, your advisor will guide you through the process.

One important note: by applying, your credit will not be impacted without your consent. Your application will be reviewed by the funding advisor team and a dedicated advisor will walk you through the next steps and any potential credit checks in the process before they occur.

Once your application is complete, you can be funded in as few as 24 hours.

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Final Thoughts

From day one, we’ve been on a mission to provide solutions that solve everyday problems for multi-day travel companies. WeTravel Growth Capital is a natural next step in this journey and an initiative we hope will unlock growth for individual companies as well as the industry as a whole.