WeTravel Pro – Learn About The Features On Our New Subscription Plan

October 8, 2020
Lucas Ennis
5 min read

We’ve been busy here at WeTravel over the last few months, and we’re excited to share the news of what we’ve been working on with you. It’s the next big step in our journey to better serving the group and multi-day travel industry.

After brainstorming with our team and then gathering feedback from some of our valued clients, we’re now ready to take the leap and launch our new and improved offering – the WeTravel Pro Subscription Plan.

We’ve added a bunch of exciting features, which we’ll talk about below, and packaged them into a subscription plan that’s payable either monthly or annually. It’s your choice.

There’s no contract to sign, and you can cancel at any time you please. We’re also offering a no strings attached 30-day money-back guarantee for you to try out the new service.

In addition to WeTravel Pro, there are the WeTravel Basic and WeTravel Enterprise plans available.

What To Expect From The WeTravel Pro Subscription Plan

The WeTravel Pro Plan is a complete and branded payment and booking solution for travel companies that offer group or multi-day tours.

On the Pro subscription plan, your customers get a great online booking experience. They can process their own real-time reservations without your assistance, directly on your website.

If you don’t have a fancy website or if you’re organizing a private group tour, then you can also set up the trip and generate a URL that they can book through, directly and in real-time.

As the organizer, the plan helps you to manage registration information, client communication, trip financials, as well as vendor and partner payments more efficiently.

WeTravel Pro Features

To give you an overview of some of the highlights and new features that we’re excited about and our clients can look forward to, we’ve included a summary below.

For a complete list of the features, have a look at the link here.

What’s New?

We’ve added several exciting new features that our clients can look out for on the WeTravel Pro subscription plan.

Under Payment Collection:

  • Auto-Bill Customers



When creating a payment plan for your customers, you can now enable auto-payment. This means that their saved default method of payment will automatically be charged on their next payment due date.

Instead of receiving reminder emails and having to log in to pay, they (and you) will only receive a receipt. If the payment fails, you’ll both receive the notification as well.

Auto-billing is available with both ACH and card payments in any currency.

You can set it up for any number of clients; it doesn’t have to be for the entire trip. They will be notified before confirming payments that auto-billing is set up, and the information will also be sent in their first payment receipt.

Then, 3 days before the auto-payment goes off, they’ll receive a reminder via email that it’s about to happen.

  • Contribution Pages


Contribution Pages


Now you can give your clients the ability to create contribution pages that act as a fundraising solution for their trips. Their family and friends will be able to make payments that go towards the cost of the trip.

All your clients need to do is create and share the contribution page online. Any incoming payments for the trip will appear in your reporting as if your customers made them. However, for itemized details, you can check the activity log for the booking.

Your clients can have multiple contributors per booking, and contributors don’t have to set up a WeTravel account. All they need to submit is their name and email.

Contributors can choose any amount to pay, although the minimum is $5. The maximum is the remaining balance due on the trip.

Once clients have reached their fundraising goals, they can deactivate the page, after which no payments can be submitted.

For the time being, this feature is only available for USD trips.

Features Only Available On The Pro Plan

If you’re an existing WeTravel customer, then there are a few changes to note on the platform going forward.

We have made some adjustments to the features available on the free account, which is now our WeTravel Basic Plan.

You will notice that several existing features are only available when you sign up to the Pro Plan.

However, our existing customers who have an established payment history with us will have continued access to most of these features.

That said, anyone who wants to access the brand-new features mentioned above has to sign up for the subscription.

Under Payment Collection:

  • Custom Installment amounts


Customs Installment Amounts


If you want to set custom installment amounts for different trip participants on their payment plan, you need to be a WeTravel Pro user.

Under Trip Website Builder:

  • File/Document Collection From Participants

Only Pro subscription customers will be able to collect document uploads from their trip participants.

Clients can load up to five files, each up to 10 MB in size, that you can download to your computer. All files will automatically be stored on our system for six months, after which they are deleted.

Under Finances:

  • WeTravel Payment Processing, WeTravel Credit Card, Vendor Transfers, International Wires
WeTravel Payment Processing

On the Pro subscription, you can expect all the exciting, industry-leading payment processing options that you have come to know and expect from WeTravel.

We still offer the lowest pricing in the industry for processing credit card payments, vendor transfers, and international wires. You can read up on our pricing here.

The difference now is that WeTravel Basic plan customers will only have access to connect their own Stripe account. That is unless they already have an established payment history with us, in which case they will have continued access to WeTravel payment processing.

Under Account:

  • Company Branding On Trips and Email Communications

As a white label solution, our WeTravel Pro Plan puts your brand front and center.

All your trips and email communications are customized to display your logo, giving your clients an uninterrupted and fully branded booking and payment experience.

Under Support:

When upgrading your plan, you will have access to a migration concierge team who will initiate the process and guide you through the transition.

Additionally, once you are signed up as a Pro user, a dedicated account manager is available to help you get to know all the features on the new plan and learn how to use them.

An Industry Leading Solution For Group and Multi-Day Travel

At WeTravel, we’re constantly looking for ways to innovate for our customers in the travel industry. The addition of our WeTravel Pro Subscription Plan means we can add even more value for our clients going forward.

Contact us if you have any questions about your current plan or migrating to a new one.

Want to know how WeTravel works? Watch the short demo below.