Why Traveling Brings Us Closer Together [From Her]

July 1, 2015
Wetravel Story Writer
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We at Wetravel strongly believe that travel can be a life-changing and eye-opening experience. What better way to promote this than to talk to people who have actually experienced this? Yesterday, we had our first installment of “Why Traveling Brings Us Closer Together,” written by Tucker (aka one half of the duo behind Two People One World).  And today, Kristin offers up her own perspective on it all, as she writes about her experiences and how traveling has helped strengthen their relationship.

Image source: Tucker and Kristin J. Hudgens
Image source: Tucker and Kristin J. Hudgens

As a couple, we balance each other very well. He is more carefree, while I am more organized. We may touch a nerve at times, as we know one another well enough to know what buttons to push. In the end, the petty stuff doesn’t matter. Everyone has their own “grumpy” mood at times, and we accept that in one another. At home, one can simply walk away and have alone time, or go grab coffee with friends until your partner’s mood has changed. But with traveling, you have to stick it out and weather the storm, because eventually the sun will come back out, shining brightly. When you’re in a foreign place and don’t know anyone else, all you have is each other to rely on.

Getting to experience new things and figuring them out together makes us grow stronger and closer every single day. When things are hard or uncomfortable, I have my husband to lean on for guidance and help, and vice versa. I will say that the language barrier has been the hardest obstacle for us, but we are learning. I look to him for help when I can’t quite figure out the proper way to respond, and he looks to me when he didn’t quite understand what someone was saying. It’s an incredible learning experience for both of us. Not just the language or culture, but of each other. He knows me better than I know myself at times.

Image source: Tucker and Kristin J. Hudgens

Our love grows every single day. Seeing his face light up while we’re trekking through the jungle makes my day. I have a deep respect and love for wildlife, but seeing that it brings him so much joy makes it even better for me.  I think traveling with your significant other creates a stronger bond that no one can ever take away. Getting out of our comfort zones allows us to grow not only as individuals, but as a unit as well. I love him more than anything in the world and cannot fathom being on this crazy journey WE call “life” with anyone else.

Image source: Tucker and Kristin J. Hudgens

That’s all for this guest blog post! We at Wetravel hope that these blog posts have inspired you to take a trip with your partner to experience something new and to deepen your relationship together. We would love to thank Tucker and Kristin J. Hudgens of Two People One World for taking the time to help us put these blog posts together. They’re an amazing couple with such interesting stories to tell and we hope that you check out more of their adventures on Two People One World!

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Featured Image Source: Tucker and Kristin J. Hudgens