Why Traveling Brings Us Closer Together [From Him]

June 30, 2015
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We at Wetravel always love to meet people who are just as passionate about travel as we are. They’re individuals, who love travel so much that they organize trips and travel the world as often as they can. We think that they can offer you insight into how travel can change your life and provide inspiration on where to go next.

This week, we have the honor of having two guest blog posts from Tucker and Kristin J. Hudgens of Two People One World. They’re a young couple, who are currently exploring the world together and taking it by storm. They’ve been to 12 countries and 31 states in the past few years and are sharing their experiences through their blog and various social media channels. They graciously wrote blog posts from each of their perspectives about how their trips have deepened their relationship and why travel means so much to them. So here’s the first installment of “Why Traveling Brings Us Closer Together,” written from Tucker’s perspective.

Image source: Tucker and Kristin J. Hudgens

When given the opportunity to write this, I wanted to stray away from the stereotypical “I love my wife” factors that every newlywed is consumed with. When I think about it, I realize this is simply impossible because we are on, for lack of a better term, an “extended honeymoon.” After all, it takes a lot of love to sign up for 6 months in the mosquito ridden jungles and beaches of Central America speaking limited Spanish and having no idea how the currencies convert. We live out of two 60L backpacks and have been staying in hostels for the most part, sharing space with other resident backpackers on occasion… obviously, not the textbook post-wedding love-fest most people dream of. To many, it sounds more like boot camp. However, she wanted our life to be an adventure; happy wife, happy life, right? We just got married in April and after almost four years of being together; we know each other pretty well. Or so, I thought…Only 2 weeks in Costa Rica so far and I feel closer to my wife than I ever have.

Every time I travel with my wife, we notice something in each other that can’t be found at home; something that rarely shows itself because it never needs to. Back home, we were concerned with bills, our jobs, getting dolled up and going out with friends (when we have the time.) To remedy this, we sold all of our “things,” took a 6 month hiatus from our careers, and now, it seems, we have all the time in the world. Time seems to come to a halt when we are traveling. I notice that we are not so engaged in being somewhere at a specific time, or having obligations that feel like, well, obligations. The time we have together (literally 24/7) is truly shared and that, of course, has no other option than to bring people closer together. Hell, we both suffered “Montezuma’s revenge” 3 days in, and that type of closeness is something that cannot be explained in words. Did I mention we also shared a bathroom with other backpackers…

Image source: Tucker and Kristin J. Hudgens

When we set out on this 6 month adventure of Central America, we knew there would be hazards, issues, roadblocks and what have you. However, we have realized that as a team, we’ve been able to overcome everything thrown at us. From language barriers, to plotting our half-assed timelines, to watching each other’s backs while we are walking from the bar at night; we are a solid unit. She is the best backup because many times, like many guys, I act before I think. Thus, because she knows me so well, she intervenes with logic and “worst case scenario” examples. I feel that this advancement is not just in us as individuals, but as a team. We work together great and I know from past travels with her, it spills over into our everyday life at home.

We are on a mission, if you will, to try to live every day as if it’s our honeymoon. No matter where we are, it is always a new experience and we get to share that together. However, the outlook is slightly different for each of us. For instance, if we are both looking at the same tree, there are two different perspectives. Maybe there is a sloth on a limb that she sees and points to, but I need to shift a step to the right to be able to see it. From where I was standing, I could only see leaves and would’ve missed out!  This simple breakdown of “difference in perspectives” goes both ways, and occurs with every meal, every excursion and is part of everything we do. It goes to show you that even though we may be looking at the same exact thing, we may see it completely differently (I’m pretty sure that lesson is in some book, on some bookshelf, of some high paid marriage counselor. Who needs a therapist, when we get to learn these things on the road in real time?!) We pay attention to more things when we travel; therefore, we see more together. We grow to be more observant of each other’s ideas, views and thoughts.

Image source: Tucker and Kristin J. Hudgens
Image source: Tucker and Kristin J. Hudgens

My wife and I truly want to experience the best and worst of everything; every new food, every new place, every new danger. To do this, it turns out, we need each other. Traveling brings us closer because we are not so consumed with the rat race, keeping up with the Jones’ or about when or where the Tupperware party is. We are together…it’s just us, in a new place where our comfort zones mean nothing. We slow each other down or speed each other up, so that we can think clearly and make the best decision together. We rely on each other for sanity, clarity and, in the end, memories. The stories and memories that we share together whilst traveling are not only backed by each other, but are also seen in two different lights. I feel that the best way to know your husband/wife is to go somewhere completely new, get dirty, and get lost. And as long as you walk out together, that is a whole different level of closeness that will follow you through the rest of your lives. I guess, in the end, no matter what I said at the beginning, past all of these reasons, I simply “love my wife”… no matter where Google Maps says we are.

Image source: Tucker and Kristin J. Hudgens
Image source: Tucker and Kristin J. Hudgens

We hope that you enjoyed reading this guest blog post and that it provided you with inspiration on how travel can change your life and relationships. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow and check out the second installment, written from Kristin’s perspective!

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