Life is Blissful on A Yoga Retreat With Nadine Johnson

May 24, 2016
Jen Corley
4 min read
Yoga Retreat with Nadine Johnson

Nadine Johnson knows what people want. Starting her career as a product designer and trend forecaster, it was Nadine’s job to decide what people wanted. This hectic job, which required many hours on the road is what it took for Nadine to discover what she wanted. Through yoga she found, as so many of us do, the space and clarity to see beyond herself and her work situation.

Yoga Retreat with Nadine Johnson
Photo by Zubin Shroff

Now, Nadine helps bring that space and clarity to the people who take her yoga classes in San Francisco, and the people who follow her around the world on her retreats. Today, you can go on a yoga retreat with Nadine Johnson in Italy, Switzerland, or Costa Rica!

When asked what makes an ideal retreat and retreat location, her answers were simple: water and food. As in, near the water and with an abundance of delicious food. Water can come in many forms. For Nadine, she’s just as at home in the ocean as she is speeding down the slopes.

One retreat location on her bucket list? Japan.

Nadine talks about Japan the way we all talk about our first travel love. She describes the feeling of being lost, not knowing where or what she was, and the wonderful surprise of a local who helped her find her way. A retreat in Japan would include skiing, discovering the beautiful differences in the Japanese culture, and of course lots of yoga.

Yoga Retreat With Nadine Johnson
Photo by Barry Silver

As for the retreats that are already on the docket? You could take a Sardinian cooking class in Italy, ice skate through the forests of Switzerland, or fly high doing aerial silks in Costa Rica. And that’s to say nothing of all the amazing yoga classes. These won’t be your run of the mill classes you could find at home, either. Nadine thinks it’s important to give retreat students something different than the classes they might take normally. Whether you’re completely new to the world of yoga, or an experienced yogi, Nadine will make sure you get what you need out of your retreat.

Because, in the end, that’s exactly what it is: your retreat. Nadine recognizes that she can facilitate an amazing experience, but ultimately she is in the service of her students’ needs.

Yoga Retreat with Nadine Johnson

The one essential you will need on a retreat with Nadine is curiosity. Curiosity helps you to leave any preconceived notions at the door. Which is especially important when you visit a new country with a culture entirely different from the one you left. Nadine will invite you to be ‘like a sponge. Soaking in everything around you instead of wringing it out.’

Nadine believes in respecting local culture and history, and goes out of her way to present a side of the country that not many tourists get to see. She talks about the difference between a tourist, only there to see the sights and leave, a business traveler, who may go out to the bars and restaurants after a long day of work, and a third, more elusive kind: the traveler. The traveler remains ever curious about life as a local. They accept local customs for what they are, and try to slip seamlessly into the fabric of life wherever they may be in the moment.

yoga retreat with Nadine Johnson

Nadine operates with a ‘let everyone be who they are’ mentality. If that means you need to bring your children to class because you couldn’t find a babysitter? No problem! If you need to modify because you’re injured or leave early because you have to get to work, you’re welcome in Nadine’s class as well. This take is refreshing in the yoga climate today, where it feels like yogi’s must look or practice a certain way.

What about if you’re constantly on the road and can relate to Nadine’s story of a stressful work environment, but don’t know how to get started? Try doing just one sun salutation a day! The beauty of yoga is that it can be practiced anywhere. From the beach in Costa Rica to a hotel room in Hong Kong.

Yoga Retreat With Nadine Johnson
Photos by Zubin Shroff

Imagine a world of peace. A sense of calm that emanates from every fiber of your being. This is the goal Nadine strives for, both in her own practice and in the ‘No Yoga, No Peace’ practice she brings to people of all kinds throughout the world.

You can check out Nadine for yourself at her website, No Yoga – No Peace. She has three upcoming retreats with WeTravel, in Italy, Costa Rica, and Switzerland.