A Yoga Trip For The #NewMe – In Your Own Backyard!

February 16, 2016
Natalie Gedeon
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Read about a yoga teacher that combined a guided yoga class with meditation and a workshop to help guide students to carry out their intentions for a better, healthier new year. Trip organizers can help with more than just taking you to a foreign land. WeTravel trip organizers can also be your teachers. 

There are hundreds of articles online about the benefits of yoga, such as improved flexibility, balance, and strength. If the title of this post piqued your interest then likely, you already knew all of that! So, what about getting in touch with a yoga expert that will organize a group yoga class along with guided teachings beyond the physical body? I want to tell you about a past trip on WeTravel that promised much more than just a yoga class.

Sometimes we forget that the best trips can be found in our own backyard. At the end of January 2016, Vaza and Yogitine held a one day yoga workshop in San Francisco that revitalized the mind and tantalized the senses. At the beginning of the year, people search around the web looking for ways to jump start their wellness journey. Although people begin with the best of intentions, people often make unrealistic goals and promises of #NewYear #NewMe. Yaza and Yogitine’s workshop helped their students keep things in perspective. Through meditation and a creative vision board exercise, students learned how to foster intention for their new year goals.

vanessaracinet teaching

Students like Sarah Silver agree, saying that this workshop focused less on the “symmetry of the pose but rather [let us] have our own experience.”

It’s programs like these that remind us that trips don’t have to be measured by distance, but instead by the wealth of experience. For the year of 2016, we can all challenge ourselves to invest more in opportunities that will promote growth in spirit and health. Thanks to Yaza and Yogitine, a whole class of students have already gotten a head start!

Rio Yoga

Please check out Yaza (www.vazayoga.com) and Yogitine (yogitine.wordpress.com) on their respective blogs for more about yoga and future work shops. Also, make sure to check out upcoming trips posted on WeTravel and plan to make your 2016 unforgettable!