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Video Series: How To Target Gen Y & Z Travelers In Partnership With Contiki

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By Lucas Ennis

Video Series: How To Target Gen Y & Z Travelers In Partnership With Contiki

We have exciting news!

WeTravel and Contiki recently teamed up to produce a 3-part educational video series on how to target and attract Gen Y and Gen Z travelers to your travel business.

Who Can Benefit From This Video Series?

Target Millennial Travelers

The series is full of expert insights that will help tour operators or travel companies who want to carve out space in the Gen Z and millennial travel market.

For those businesses that already have some of the market share, the series will help you finetune your marketing messaging and product to better target and attract this segment of travelers.

While travel is still largely on hold right now, it is a great time to get your brand or product out in front of your target market. This way, you can capture some of the pent-up demand when travel begins to resume later in 2021 or 2022, as anticipated by the industry.

As do all travel market segments, Gen Y and Gen Z have specific motivators, drives, and requirements for travel coming out of the pandemic. Who better to share expertise on the matter than Contiki, a company that has been taking young travelers from across the globe on life-changing trips for the better part of six decades?

About Your Expert Speaker

Ian Kynor is your expert speaker throughout the 3-part video series. Ian is the Director of Business Development at Contiki. He has over twenty years of industry experience, specifically helping young students and young professionals travel the world.

Since 1962, Contiki has been bringing together travelers between the ages of 18 to 35 years to experience the world.

What Can You Expect To Learn In The Series?

Every year, Contiki researches their target travelers in Gen Y and Gen Z. As travel trends shift and our world changes, so too do the wants and needs of these generations while traveling.

“Digital adoption is accelerated wildly because of COVID-19, but at the same time, young people are craving human connection and community more than ever before.”

Throughout the series, Ian shares insights from this research and learnings over the years.

Travel businesses can use the information to make sure their marketing messaging is spot on and design experiences that cater to the Gen Z and millennial traveler.

We have divided the series into three parts, and you will receive a final feedback and Q&A email as well.

Throughout the series, Ian provides insights such as:

  • Who are the Gen Y and Z travelers?
  • How do they like to travel?
  • Tips for the design and messaging around tours that will appeal to them
  • A look into the future to see what travel in 2021 looks like for this segment
Gen Z and Gen Y Travelers

Here is a bit more detail on what to expect from each of the educational videos.

Part One – Intro To The Gen Y and Gen Z Traveler

Part one is an introduction to targeting two segments of travelers – Gen Y and Gen Z.

Ian shares how Contiki have narrowed their approach to target three specific cohorts of travelers from these two generations. You will learn about the travelers’ characteristics, what they are looking for in travel, and where they can be found.

Part Two – How To Attract Gen Y and Gen Z Travelers

The second video takes a deeper look into how this generation likes to travel: their motivators, the benefits you should lead with to attract them, and factors that define their ideal trip.

Part Three – 2021 Youth Travel Trends and Action Points

The third and final part of the series looks at the travel trends for 2021.

Ian also provides a few action points to implement into your company, your marketing messaging, and your product to meet the travel requirements of this market.

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To get the educational series delivered straight to your inbox, sign up below. We will send three separate videos to your email over three consecutive days.

We are delighted to have worked with Ian and Contiki on this exclusive series. We hope you enjoy it and walk away with valuable insights to help you build your market.

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Lucas Ennis

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