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30 Awesome Royalty Free Yoga Photos You Can Use For Free

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By Sonja Bolger

30 Awesome Royalty Free Yoga Photos You Can Use For Free

Royalty Free Yoga Photos

Finding high quality and unique royalty free yoga photos to use for free isn’t always easy. Luckily, WeTravel has decided to change that!

When you’re a yoga business ownerretreat leader, or yoga content creator, it’s not always possible to use photos that you’ve taken yourself, so you need to search for free yoga images online.

If you’ve ever tried this, you know how difficult it can be to find unique royalty free yoga photos! You comb endlessly through Pixabay and Pexels, trying to find the right free to use yoga photo to suit your needs.

yoga pic copyright free

The right image can have a big impact on your website or online content, so finding good quality yoga images is key to improving your business. The goal of your brand should be to connect with readers and potential customers, so having high-quality photos of yourself and your work is important and something you should spend time and effort on getting.

However, it can be difficult to get new pictures for every post or piece of content, and that’s where stock yoga photos come in.

The team here at WeTravel understands how difficult knowing where to find free yoga images can be, so we went about making it easier for you. We have developed our own collection of royalty free yoga photos that you can use for FREE! The only thing we ask is that you credit back to WeTravel with a link somewhere within the content that you are using the photos for.

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We hope you enjoy using these yoga photos in your personal and commercial yoga projects like showcasing your yoga retreat offerings on your yoga retreat center‘s website or create beautiful social media posts using our royalty free yoga photos.

Below we have a sneak peek of some of the 30 yoga images that we have available for free online use. Check out the WeTravel Flickr to see all of the royalty free yoga photos we have for you to use.

Just be sure you credit WeTravel by linking back to our website ( when you use these photos!

30 Awesome Royalty Free Yoga Photos You Can Use For Free

Royalty Free Yoga Photos WeTravel

The classic tree pose is always a favourite among yogi’s. Not only does the form look good in pictures, but this also one of the most traditional yoga poses.

Royalty Free Yoga Photos WeTravel

Group yoga pictures are always nice as there is conformity of shape across a number of yogis. This picture illustrates that by the arms of the yogi’s all being lined up.

Royalty Free Yoga Photos WeTravel

This picture shows that yoga doesn’t always have to be practiced indoors and can also be enjoyed oceanside.

Royalty Free Yoga Photos WeTravel

This picture illustrates the tranquility outdoor yoga can bring.

Royalty Free Yoga Photos WeTravel

Some of the breathtaking views yogi’s get to take advantage of whilst practicing. Yoga studios can be built just about anywhere these days

Royalty Free Yoga Photos WeTravel

It’s always fund practicing yoga on the beach. Not only is the sand nice and soft under your feet, but you also have the gentle sound of the sea in the background.

WeTravel Royalty Free Yoga Photos

Inward facing yoga is another nice way to practice as it gives yogi’s a new aspect of practicing.

WeTravel Royalty Free Yoga Photos


WeTravel Royalty Free Yoga Photos

WeTravel Royalty Free Yoga Photos

Practicing yoga in the mountain comes with it ‘s own charms – the fresh arboreal smells, rocks to perch yourself on as seen above, and fantastic views.

You can find all 30 royalty free yoga photos that you can download on the WeTravel Flickr. Be sure to credit WeTravel wherever you use them, and we’d love to see your content, so share it with us too!

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