The Secret Trail of Santa Barbara

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By Christina Nguyen

The Secret Trail of Santa Barbara

Learn about one of the best walking trails of Santa Barbara, California. Right around the University of California there is a scenic trail that will lead you away from the gorgeous campus to a secluded beach and quiet butterfly reserve. You’ll overlook the ocean from above along the cliffs down a dirt path bordered by plant-life.

Earlier this week, Chau Mui wrote a fantastic guest blog for us at Wetravel. She’s usually a solo traveler who researches hard to find out how to travel more on a skinny wallet. When she found out about Wetravel, she was certainly thrilled with the concept and wanted to spread the word. As travel bloggers, both of us are constantly looking for trip planning ideas.

We did a blog swap and while she wrote on the benefits of joining a group trip, I shared about the secret trail tourists miss out on when visiting Santa Barbara.

Follow DP and stay on the cliffs to head toward the Goleta Monarch Butterfly Reserve.
Follow DP and stay on the cliffs to head toward the Goleta Monarch Butterfly Reserve.
The secret I'll miss about Santa Barbara.
The secret I’ll miss about Santa Barbara.

See more pictures like these and the story I shared about the walk I used to take off the beaten path while I was still living in California. It’s been quite a life-changing experience moving from the West Coast to the East Coast, but the point of traveling is to see more of the world.

Santa Barbara is a beautiful, dream destination to visit. It was hard saying goodbye, but there are many more places to see. Please do take a look at my story on Chau’s blog, Chau for Now, as well as other tips and tricks for travel planning.

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Christina Nguyen

Article by Christina Nguyen

Christina graduated in 2013 with a degree in English and a minor in Applied Psychology. She is also a full-stack developer formed at Wyncode.


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