Please support my trip "Wicked Retreat 2022 - Tulum, Mexico"

Victoria Hanover
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77734 Xpu Há, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Nov 14 - 21, 2022
Victoria Hanover
Please support my trip "Wicked Retreat 2022 - Tulum, Mexico"

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77734 Xpu Há, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Nov 14 - 21, 2022
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Please support my trip "Wicked Retreat 2022 - Tulum, Mexico"

Thank you for your support. Even a small donation will help me attend this trip.

About this trip

We're at it again - and now we're officially 2022 Wicked Retreat: Tulum

(Or.. as it was dubbed last year, the FemDom Summer Camp).

This is an opportunity to make content, collaborate, explore, adventure, chill, party, learn, administer self-care, and just be your authentic self in beautiful Tulum, Mexico!

Exclusive Use & Exclusive Invite

This is an exclusive event for industry and industry-adjacent people who have been personally vetted and invited. The even has a maximum of 45 attendees, which will include SWers, their partners, our event team, and six very lucky subs.  We carefully curate our attendees to ensure that we have a cohesive mix of veterans, new faces, online and in-person SWers, and creatives.

I have fully bought out 4 separate luxury villas that are all next to or close to one another and have fully secured permission to get as weird as we like, which also includes filming and location releases. Outside of our wait staff, who have all signed NDAs and will adhere to strict rules, we will be the only others on the premises.

Please do not share this page without prior approval of Alexandra.

What this Includes

Your ticket price includes:

- Transportation to and from the Cancun airport in an air-conditioned private van

- Accommodations in the villa of your choice, with single, double, and quad options available 

- 3 meals per day, prepared by private chefs (vegan, gluten-free, and carnivore diets too)

- Snacks, refreshments, and light alcoholic beverages

- Skill-building workshops (topics TBD -- will likely include fanclub strategies, building client relationships, transitioning to in-person from online, and more)

- Excursions to local places, including a private cenote trip for a clothing-optional swim - adventure packages are additional and will be released closer to the event

- 2 private parties held on site, a pool party and a dance party with outdoor snuggle space & private DJ

- Permission to film content on the properties

- Group photoshoot with a local photographer as well as our event photos with our resident photographer, Daddy Des and stylist, Fembot

- Hanging out with the hottest, most interesting people 

- Bragging rights, of course

Accommodations & Meals

Accommodations are provided in four different luxury villas with various different amenities.

Package prices are per person.

Shared rooms can be booked with partners, friends, or whoever you've flirted with the most on Twitter. You can also book a shared room and I will match you up with someone. There are various rooming options, from four to a room (quad), two to a room (double), and just by your lonesome (single). Private rooms are, of course, private for those of you who need your own space.

Each villa has it's own amenities which can be seen here:  [VILLA GUIDE AND PHOTOS]

Each villa has a pool, one has it's own private cenote, and they all feature ample outdoor green space. Each villa has washer/dryer, air conditioning, TVs, kitchens, etc. We will be spending our time primarily between the Cenote and Oasis Villas for official events, meals, and workshops. 

These properties are not connected because they are all private with walls surrounding for security, however they are nearby (adjacent/across the road) and there will be a golf cart and slaves available to assist.

This is fully inclusive with three meals per day, snacks, and limited alcohol. We will have a team of private chefs who will serve local foods and culinary delights.

Content License

This is a rare opportunity to create content freely in four different locations with full permission from the owners of the properties. Each of the villas is fully walled and surrounded by lush jungle for a fully private experience, which means that you can film any level of content that you desire. Rope suspension from a palm tree? Water boarding in the pool? Nude on the rooftop? Do as your heart pleases.

There are hundreds of indoor and outdoor shoot locations, some of which are pictured below, so let your imagination run wild. Guidelines and rules for content creation will be provided closer to the event (mostly in scheduling with your fellow guests), but I look forward to seeing what you create. 

Private Parties & Workshops

Our first retreat had one amazing party that lasted until sunrise, but we've got even more planned for this trip! These parties will be held towards the end of the trip to ensure that no hangovers interrupt shooting plans.

Pool Party - Music, pool floats, fancy drinks, hot people -- what more could you ask for?

Domination Dance Party - Our own personal DJ, cuddle pile under the stars, dancing, curated interpersonal activities, bible study

Adventure & Photography Package Add-ons

We will have additional adventure packages available for purchase by July, which will include things like:

- ATV / Ziplines / Kayaking / Adventure Parks

- Private scuba and snorkel trips

- Underwater Mermaid photoshoots

- Cenote tours

And more!

We will also have several local photographers available to book with, for both land and water shoots. More information on how to book with them will be provided closer to the event.


Our location is just outside of Tulum, Mexico in an area called Xpu Ha. It is approximately 1-1.5 hours from Cancun and less than 15 minutes from Tulum proper. 

We will have access to various beaches, cenotes, ruins, and more.


We will be providing transportation to and from the Cancun or Cozumel airports on Nov 14 and 21. You are welcome to rent a car if you prefer, but please let us know if you plan to utilize transportation so we have accurate numbers ahead of time.

The Cancun airport is the biggest and least expensive option.

Slave Tickets

This year we will have 6 open slots for slave tickets. These will be available for filming and service submissives of any gender who agree to be utilized in filming for our attendees. Hoods and masks will be provided. You will negotiate your activities and limits individually with each person. All limits and boundaries will be respected.

Slaves will also be expected to perform service activities such as food/beverage service, running errands, assisting in shoots, giving foot massages, or anything else we desire.

You must be verified and vetted by Alexandra with references to be permitted to attend. 

Slaves will reside in the Slave Villas, which are a separate nearby property. Please note that slaves will not be permitted to some of the official events, for the privacy and discretion of our attendees. 

What’s included

  • Accomodations
    Single, Double, and Quad Rooms
  • Meals
    3 meals per day prepared by private chefs
  • Beverages and Snacks
    Light alcoholic beverages will be provided
  • Workshops
    Learn some stuff
  • Private Parties
    2 nights of debauchery
  • Networking & Chill
    Hanging out with the hottest, most interesting people
  • Privacy and Discretion
    Enjoy yourself without worry
  • Excursions
    Private cenote swim!
  • Location Release
    For filming content on site
  • Photography Options
    Underwater, glamour, group photos, and more
  • Bragging Rights
    You too can make everyone on Twitter jealous.
  • Airfare
    Fly into Cancun airport or Cozumel airport
  • Pool Floaties
    Bring your own!
  • Drama
    Leave that at home -- see our code of conduct:
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