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How much does it cost to use Wetravel to organize my trip?

Absolutely nothing !! Wetravel does not charge any commission for it’s use.

So how do you make money?

Wetravel is 100% free to use for both organizers and travelers.

We receive small commissions in case the organizer or the travelers decides to book any additional services (flights, hotels, activities) through one of our partners.

How do I organize an amazing trip?

Make it personal !!! We have discovered that the difference between a good trip and an amazing trip is when the trip organizer shows the travelers not only the tourist attractions, but the places that influenced his or her life. This can be visiting places that mean a lot to you or simply meeting up with your friends.

Where is my financial information stored?

Wetravel does not store any financial or sensitive user data on Wetravel servers. User data such as credit card numbers, bank accounts or SSNs are immediately and securely transmitted to our payment provider. Our payment provider is Stripe (, one of the largest payment providers in the world, used by many large internet companies such as Facebook or Twitter. Wetravel can initiate certain financial transactions (e.g. refunds of payments) but at no point has access to the user’s financial data.

What happens to the money from my travelers after they book?

When the trip organizers collect payments for their trip through Wetravel, the payments go directly to our payment provider Stripe (, one of the largest payment providers in the world, used by many large internet companies such as Facebook or Twitter. The funds are temporarily deposited at Stripe until the trip organizers decides to transfer the funds to their own accounts or to a third party. Throughout this process, the funds are securely deposited at Stripe. Wetravel never deposits, transfers or manages traveler payments on its own bank accounts.

When will I receive the funds that Wetravel collected from the traveler?

Wetravel transfers the funds on the organizers requests as soon as they are cleared. This takes 2-3 days for credit card payments and 5-10 days for bank transfers.

Should I organize everything myself or should I work with a travel agency?

If you plan to organize a trip for 5 or more customers, we recommend that you work with a local travel agency that assists you with the bookings of accommodation and certain other arrangements. Local travel agencies in the destination countries are most often much more cost effective than specialized travel agencies in the US. Wetravel has connections to many amazing travel agencies in various countries. Contact us if you have an itinerary you would like to organize. We will find you a partner agency to work with in your destination country.

What should I include in the Trip Overview and the Before you Go section?

The trip description should give the traveler an idea of the type of experience to expect. For example, should travelers bring a backpack or dufflebag, because you will take local transport. Or is it a more luxurious tour with rented busses and travelers can bring suitcases. In the Before you Go section, you can include things like weather conditions, a list with things every traveler should take and information about receiving visas.

Can I refuse a customer?

As any other service provider, you have the right to refuse service to anyone. If you offer a featured trip and you want to refuse service to a customer that has booked a trip with you, you have 24h after the booking to do so.

Can I list private trips (only visible to my friends) ?

Yes, in fact the large majority of organizers use Wetravel as a tool to list private trips. If you choose so when listing the trip, only people with the unique link to the page will be able to see it.

It’s my first time organizing a group tour, can I still be a trip organizer?

Wetravel is specifically set up to encourage first time trip organizers. We can assist you with the organization and help you promote the trip. So yes, absolutely.

Is Wetravel the trip organizer?

Wetravel is a platform that connects Travel Gurus with travelers. Wetravel supports the trip organizer in advertising the trip, coordinating travelers and collecting money. However, the responsibility for the trip lies with the trip organizer.

If you have any more questions, please Contact us