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What's Included?

With just a few minutes invested each day, gain actionable insights and take measurable steps toward building or improving your retreat offerings. Each day, one of our expert speakers will spend 7-10 minutes covering one important aspect of the process, including:

👉  Timeline Planning
👉  Selecting Your Venue
👉  Legal Forms & Liabilities
👉  Itinerary & Program Design
👉  Sustainability Considerations
👉  Marketing
👉  Financials & Profitability
👉  Insurance

Each recorded video will be delivered alongside a daily checklist, worksheet, resource list, or similar materials to help guide your efforts.

Industry Experts:

Who it’s for:

Companies and professionals who focus on domestic and international retreat offerings centered on movement & fitness modalities, meditation & mindfulness, dietary & detox, spiritual transformation & trauma recovery, educational programs, entrepreneurship & coaching, or similar areas.

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