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Never pay credit card fees again - WeTravel let's you securely collect funds online from your customer's US checking accounts

  • Beautifully present your travel packages
  • Securely collect funds online from checking accounts & credit cards
  • Easy & safe to use - No more checks in the mail or money wires

WeTravel Features:


Create a beautiful travel arrangement in minutes


Collect payments from US checking accounts for free

Collect credit card payments for only 2.9% transaction fee
Seamlessly issue refunds, collect deposits and set custom prices

Easily collect information from your customers


Download all payment and participant information to Excel


Send money directly to vendors overseas at great exchange rates


Search for images online to quickly create beautiful presentations


Embed your WeTravel arrangement in your own website

Travel Agents

Use our free tool to easily present different packages & itineraries to your customers.
Manage your group bookings with ease.


With WeTravel, it's fun, easy and fast to build the perfect travel arrangement that can instantly be booked by your customers.


  • Beautiful travel arrangements that are shared with your clients in seconds
  • Users have the choice to pay securely with their checking account or credit card (they pay the credit card fee if they choose credit card)
  • Directly pay your suppliers overseas through WeTravel, at great exchange rates


"We have been using WeTravel for 6 months and love the simple interface. It has made our workflow much quicker and easier."
Hicham Mhammedi Alaoui
CEO & Co-Founder Experience Morocco
"WeTravel's payment system is by far the most convenient and cost-effective of all the different payment solutions I have used in my 10 years in the travel industry."
Karina Safari
Karina Safari, Founder Safarika Travel Inc

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