The Wellness Entrepreneur's Ultimate Guide to Growing a Business Online

A 125-page guide that covers everything from establishing a successful wellness brand to delivering market-leading service:

  • Hundreds of tips on improving your online presence
  • Step by step guidance to Facebook and Google advertising
  • A best practices SEO handbook
  • Scalable tips and tricks for content and email marketing
  • Expert insight on generating tons of good reviews
  • Over 40 practical exercises with quick wins
  • And much more…

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What's Inside?

Value Proposition and Brand

How to Supercharge Your Travel Brand with a Killer Value Proposition

Website Design and Development

How to Make Your Wellness Website Look Amazing and Drive Loads of Enquiries

Search Engine Optimization

How to Grow Organic Traffic to Your Wellness Website with SEO

Google Advertising

How to Generate Qualified Client Leads with Google PPC Advertising

Facebook Advertising

How to Get Tons of Traffic, Enquiries and New Business From Facebook

Content Marketing

How Content Marketing can Increase Traffic to Your Wellness Website and Generate Qualified Leads

Email Marketing

How to Use Email Marketing to Turn Leads into Loyal Customers

Booking and Payments

How to Create a Seamless Booking and Payments Process


How to Grow a Stellar Review Profile to Increase Enquiries and Conversions