WeTravel Payment Processing

Industry-leading processing fees. No hidden costs.

per transaction

Accept payments from US and European bank accounts easily online for only 1%. This payment method is also called eCheck or ACH.

Calculate Monthly Savings

Credit and Debit Cards


Accept major international debit or credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express (+3.9%), etc.

Refund Customers


No refund cost - if you refund a transaction, WeTravel will return the entire fee.

International Card Payments


WeTravel has no additional fees for international cards, cross-border card payments or currency conversions. 

You could save thousands a year. Run the numbers.*



Total Savings $12,228 per year

Talk to us!* Calculator based on WeTravel Basic plan with $500 average transaction, 57% average historic ACH payment rate, 18% refund rate and 14% AMEX card spend. Your actual WeTravel processing fees may even be lower.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I absorb the credit card fee myself?

Are there fees for refunds?

How much does it cost to transfer the funds to my account?

Do you offer a reduced rate for non-profits and students?

What payment methods does WeTravel accept?

Do I have to sign a contract?