Wow, so life changing. This is not the type of retreat to take lightly. It absolutely has the power to shake you out of your normal and into the extraordinary. Every activity was deeply intentional, the container set the space for other participants to become instant soul family, and our guides were beautiful humans that were clearly working on themselves right alongside us. A retreat like this is in full alignment with creating the new earth.
The deep work with 1 heart has elevated my relationship with myself, families and life goals tremendously. Forever grateful for this grand design, love and support 1 heart provides, and always ready to give back. Can’t wait for more changes 1 heart will bring to the world!
This was no ordinary trip but a pivot shift in the understanding of my life. Never in my life have felt explosions of love, joy, and clarity. 1heart created a safe and nurturing environment in the lush jungles of Mexico so that I could do deep healing. The 1heart team is tremendous and their support, attention to detail, and light helped make this trip the most memorable for all of us. I left with an extended family and tribe that I can design my life with! With love and light, Palak


1heart provided the best experience for my first time sitting with plant medicine . They provided so much love , comfort and guidance through the whole process . There is so much warmth and joy with 1heart and I’m grateful for every single person that was in in my journey because they played an important role in making this experience so transformational . I love them all. They are my brothers and sisters .
By Claudia Morel on 06 Jan, 2020