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Hello You Two , I had an absolutely fabulous experience at the retreat. I’m already looking forward to next year. This is an extra special event and I feel lucky to have been included. I worked doing Seminar Work for 8 years so I know what it takes to make it happen. You are a great team. I felt so at ease even though I didn’t know anyone and I was a novice. Thank You So Much , Melissa Shaw
For me, this retreat was well-timed – – a few weeks into January, a good time for a reset and setting intentions for the year ahead. I have always wanted to visit Islandwood and I was not disappointed. It is a magical place, very comfortable, beautiful, delicious food. Tracy & Terilynn are a dynamic duo and did a fine job with a large (40) group.
Great yoga retreat. Loved the spacious yoga space, delicious & ample food, comfy accommodations and delightful hot tub.
It was an entirely positive experience for me. The weather, the lodging, and the food were wonderful. The instructors did a great job of keeping the yoga sessions at a pace that a wide range of students could perform and benefit from. The candles, the poetry readings, and the music encouraged feelings of comfort and peace. I’m very pleased that I decided to attend.
The 8 Limbs organizers were wonderful and on point and well the first evening meal went extremely well, I had deep concerns around the way that NCI staff deprioritized our group and in several cases showed implicit disrespect for the administrative lead. There was an absence of NCI leadership and follow up during the weekend that lead to very uneven care for our group and this truly concerned me. The way our group who paid for an upgrade but were treated like second class citizens as compared to other guests who reaped the benefits of the upgrade. The staff needs an infusion of equity training because I believe implicit bias toward our team lead figured into this. Staff needs some work. Period.