Past Trips

Journey Into Sacred Expression Women's Summer Retreat, Lake Atitlan
Journey Into Sacred Expression Women's Summer Retreat, Lake Atitlan
San Marcos La Laguna, Sololá Department, Guatemala
1 Aug, 20
Journey Into Sacred Expression Women's Forest Retreat, Lake Atitlan
Journey Into Sacred Expression Women's Forest Retreat, Lake Atitlan
San Marcos La Laguna, Sololá Department, Guatemala
29 Nov, 19
Journey Into Sacred Expression Women's Summer Retreat, Lake Atitlan
Journey Into Sacred Expression Women's Summer Retreat, Lake Atitlan
San Marcos La Laguna, Sololá Department, Guatemala
8 Aug, 19
Journey Into Sacred Expression Luxury Women's Retreat, Lake Atitlan
Journey Into Sacred Expression Luxury Women's Retreat, Lake Atitlan
Santa Cruz la Laguna, Sololá Department, Guatemala
28 Jun, 19


Journey into Sacred Expression Women's Forest Retreat at Lake Atitlan with Aimee Hansen is a fabulous experience-I reunified with self love and the goddess hiding within me. The facilitator provided a peaceful and loving environment to feel the full spectrum of emotions that I had bottled up inside from my recent relationship break-up. The experience regenerated my soul, enabling me to once again, lead with my heart. Thank You Aimee & Yoga Forest, and all people who supported the experience.
Aimee's experience she shares with you in Guatemala on Lago de Atitlan is one of the most nourishing, nurturing and enriching things you can do for yourself. Prepare to be embraced and provided for by a lovely community of wellness-focused, beautiful souls at the Yoga Forest, surrounded by a dazzlingly serene solar powered nature-scape of open air structures tucked into the mountainside. Aimee is truly a gift and what she has created for women is an opportunity to suspend responsibility and allow themselves to be guided lovingly and supported through a process of self exploration and awakening with a powerful circle of like-minded women seeking awareness. The value of this journey and the experiences Aimee has curated for the group is far beyond anything I could have asked for.
I had a great time meeting new people and re-connecting with old. The venue was breathtaking and the accommodations were comfortable. I enjoyed the delicious Ayurvedic food! Amy
Aimee, it was a magical weekend. I will write more later so for now please know you are One who transmutes everything into positive energy. I feel much love and gratitude for you, Marianne, and the circle of women I was blessed to share this experience with. Namaste
This trip was once again a life changing and memorable event. Aimee did an amazing job coordinating the events. The artistic and writing challenges stretched my mind and my soul. It was heart opening and healing in so many levels. There was no time to be bored! I met some amazing people from so many different walks of life! I will never forget this incredible weekend! Thank you Aimee! Suni
I arrived at our retreat in the Yoga Forest filled with fear of the unknown. After meeting the other 4 women who would accompany me on this journey I was intrigued. We were all so different and yet I felt as though I wanted to know everything about them. They all were feeling the same way and after a delicious meal, we went to our lovely, cozy cabins and prepared for our first writing circle. No time to waste, we went deep and real right from the very first words written and spoken. Aimee led us through our journey with style, grace, grit and wisdom. She is indeed an old soul, a fun loving and flexible person with the right amount of "agenda" to keep us and herself honest and on track. Our ceremonies are indelibly printed on my heart and our morning Yoga practice with Robin put me on the right track to self care. It turns out I had lost my way and was not feeling very fit. Once I returned home I joined the Y and walk everyday. Aimee is a fierce and intuitive woman who held and challenged me as I discovered what does not serve me, examined what I could lovingly discard and then start to heal from the baggage I've been carrying around with me for over 40 years. I was supported in trusting myself and to direct my energy only to what sparks and nourishes my heart. She intuitively made space for all of us, and we had so much fun, singing, dancing, and just being with each other. I would pay twice as much for this powerful and life changing experience. I now have the Women of the High Heart to hold in my circle anytime I need them-even with the many miles between us. Thank you Aimee and many blessings to you!
This trip was an amazing experience before it even began. Aimee did an excellent job prior to the retreat start with planning, organizing and keeping all of us informed. We had flexibility beforehand both in choosing excursions and our best-fit transportation. The retreat itself was beyond what I could’ve hoped for. The yoga and meditation practice were daily and they were excellent. Our instructor spent so much time with us and learning about us - a true delight. The other planned events, excursions, traditional ceremonies, singing and dancing, all were thoughtfully planned and executed. The team of healers Aimee has pulled together are sincere and wonderful people. And then, there’s Aimee and her writing circles -wow, just wow. She is a beautiful person in and out, a healer and a giver and a true friend. She’s poured her heart into her writings and readings and will surely capture your heart too. This retreat is an amazing value and once in a lifetime experience. I am grateful and fortunate now and forever.
This was the best gift I ever gave myself. Aimee is an incredible human who runs a life-changing retreat. The facilities, food and natural beauty were absolutely wonderful. If you're having any doubts, ignore them.
Amiee Hansen is a gifted guide, a wonderful person, and a creative dynamo who put together a retreat that exceeded my expectations and beyond. I met a wonderful group of women, whom I now consider dear friends. I returned feeling restored and inspired. The serenity of Villa Sumaya (an eco chic resort in the jungle overlooking the stunning Lake Atitlan), the clearing rituals and ceremonial celebrations Aimee organized, as well as the morning yoga classes, amazing massage therapists and delicious, healthful, organic meals, made this a special trip indeed. Do not hesitate to book!
Earth shattering, mind blowing, soul sunrise. Community and love and health - physical, emotional, psychic. Gorgeous, magic, astounding scenery in the location and the souls of the women who attended. Lifelong friends made in a week. Deep healing of wounds known and unknown. Peace, serenity, and a new path in life. Aimee and Melanie are magic. The location was beautiful. The change is infinite and unfolding.
The retreat was fun, invigorating and inspiring. We were eight women who came together as strangers, and with Aimee and Melanie as our guides, we were able to tap into creativity, transformation and healing.
Great facilitators and a lovely time. Would recommend in a heartbeat. Delicious food, peaceful setting.
This retreat surpassed my expectations. Every creative exercise was well thought out and added to the creative experience. The food was comforting and delicious and Wendy made everyone feel important and welcome. Aimee and Marianne are amazing women with a heart that is full of empathetic love. I would definitely join them for another experience.
As always with Aimee's retreats it is an authentic, magical experience. This time with the addition of the Goddess stories from Melanie, it surpassed all expectations. The Seven Springs retreat space was very comfortable, the vegetarian food from Wendy was amazing and the spaces were fantastic. Jess conducted loving, meditative yoga sessions to start our day. Aimee and Melanie used all the spaces available to create magical experiences that allowed us to delve deep into our goals, aspirations and life visions. Multi generational friendships were made that I feel will last a life time. It was a supportive, deep, magical and really joyous time! Thank you Aimee and Melanie and to all of the participants and the team at Seven Springs.
This retreat felt like a week in paradise. We woke up every morning to a gorgeous view of twin volcanos across a serene lake. Started every day with a wonderful yoga class, followed by a delicious, freshly-made breakfast. All of the food was terrific, as a matter of fact. During writing circles we explored our inner most desires, re-wrote personal stories that didn't serve us, and let ourselves be truly honest. Aimee is an amazing facilitator with a stunning ability to inspire and affirm. This retreat has undoubtedly changed the trajectory of my life--I could not recommend it any more highly.
The Yoga Forest os magic and sets the mood. It was great experiencing a sustainable community and enjoy the amazing view. It’s hard at times with no flushing toilets and all but totally worth it. The women’s retreat was incriminou well curated, with themes and activities that really make you experience San Marcos and feel Guatemala culture. Aimee is so generous and patient. She had many challenges in the group this time and dealt with them with a lot of calm and patience. She brings many importante questions, has a big benefit of bringing us to “keeping it real”. Furthermore she is an amazing author and is generous about recognizing beauty in all things. However, and I say this with a lot of caution and care, I believe that since the themes proposed are very deep and therapy oriented, she would benefit from proper training on how to deal with these situations. Many times the safe space of sharing was not preserved due to lack of specific skills from the facilitator. This can be dangerous - specially if we have people in the group with likely mental disabilities. If the themes proposed may not have been so therapeutic it would have been perfect! But if you propose to go there there are many steps that need to be taken care of! Also, I believe the group could benefit more from for free sharing time and allowing the members to share things they have written (which was what happened in the last night). So I would say the retreat should either go totally in a transformational side (and then it needs the proposer facilitation skills) or more in the writing side (then it needs more time for that!). The yoga was great!!! Both teachers are amazing. I am totally available to explain more about my feedback!
This was truly a journey, both inward and outward that changed me as a person. The gathering of women, ages 21-54, each inspiring in their own right, taught me new things each day. Aimee was a lovely curator of our experiences and developed a dynamic program that also brought so much of the local wisdom and Mayan culture.
I believe every woman should attend a women’s circle at least once in their life. I have done a lot of inner work lately but this writing circle was one of the most direct and effective approaches I’ve experienced. Aimee provided a safe space for open and honest communication; anything was ok no matter how small, big, or silly it seemed. For me it provided me with the space to 1) get to know myself better, to understand recurring behaviours and emotions and also to move forward on my path with more clarity 2) communicate better with myself and with others 3) realise that I’m not alone in my thoughts and battles. Go for it, you’ll thank yourself later!
There are some people who, within minutes of meeting them, you know that you will never forget. Aimee Hansen is this person. Her unique and uncanny ability to lead a retreat that shakes, breaks, and ultimately empowers women is some of the most beautiful talent I've ever been lucky enough to witness. She thinks of every detail, hangs on to every word, and makes every single woman feel seen. Over the course of one week, I filled an entire notebook with words, thoughts, emotions, trying to adequately capture the magic that occurred. I've never been so happy to say: I completely failed. Because this retreat isn't something that can ever be regurgitated or described in a way that will do it justice. You will just have to take the leap & go.


This retreat was fabulous. Aimee had an incredible ability to bring all of us together to the point where at the end of the journey we all felt like we were long lost friends. Her ability to create space and foster the telling of each woman's story allowed each woman to own what story she was telling herself and what different one she wanted to create. This was a life changing perspective shift for myself and many others. If you have an opportunity, do this retreat!
By Maggie Carr on 6 Feb, 18
The Storyteller Within Retreat with Aimee was a unique and totally-worth-it-experience! The conceptualization of the retreat is sophisticated and considerately. It´s like going on an adventurous journey through your feminine self and accompanied by a intuitive and smart mentor and poet. Aimee unites effortlessly unknown women from different worlds in a respect- and trustful way, the sacred circle arises. She creates a space for self-reflection, exchange and for silence and integration as well, another circle completes. In Guatemala there is even some time for seeing some of the beautiful surroundings and dip in the magical and by volcanos surrounded lake Atitlan. This was a great experience that helped me see and grow. Thank you so much, Aimee!
By Katharina Goetting on 27 Aug, 19