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The trip was incredible. Absolutely incredible. Every single element of the trip exceeded expectations, and every single person who helped to manage and organize and make this trip possible were so joyful and professional. The love and care and respect really shone through. This experience is almost indescribable, and so wonderful. 100/10 would recommend and do again.
In now my second retreat with the team of Aire Libre, I can say I trust them 200%, wholly and completely. They are expert cultivators to the highest degree. Each location on our Patagonia adventure was breathtaking; our lodgings were a perfect marriage to the setting; every location totally different, one to the next. The trails were technical but manageable, even from a novice's standpoint. Some days were travel-filled, but it never seemed arduous, the air of the company and the people I was on this adventure with really elevating the experience, their willingness to be present and enjoy themselves (and each other) with kid-like ease. Every morning, grounding ourselves with a meditation or yoga, was the perfect mental primer for the day's activities. The value of Aire Libre is unquestionable. The only question is: Where will I go with them with next!
Had a great time. The best group of individuals and the most amazing views. Food, organization and specially vibes....oh the vibes.... the best!
Building a fraternity, a family out of strangers, in 1 week, by connecting nature with culture with running. Aire Libre has really done something special with their experiences.
One of the most amazing experiences of my life! Everyone was great, from the other travelers, to our guide Mau, our local guides/pacers and also the families that shared their stories with us. Oaxaca during Day of the Dead is so beautiful and magical, it's a must! The stunning views, beauty and way of life in the Sierra Norte was breathtaking! Running the Camino Real is something I will never forget. Truly a wonderful experience for any runner, experienced so much more than I could ever have imagined!
By Carmen Khan for OAXACA DAY OF THE DEAD on 12 Nov, 19
An amazing experience with strangers turned friends. All the logistics and details of the trip seamlessly arranged. I travelled solo and had a great time with the other travellers and aire libre organizers, who put care and their hearts into making sure the experience was unforgettable. The locations we visited were stunning, and empty of other travellers so we had the trails all to ourselves. The food along the way was delicious and fresh. Highly recommend