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See Haiti Through Our Eyes 2020
See Haiti Through Our Eyes 2020
Port-au-Prince | Petionville | Jacmel | Cap-Haitien | Milot | Labadie
16 Jan, 20

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See Haiti Through Our Eyes 2019
See Haiti Through Our Eyes 2019
Port-au-Prince | Petionville | Jacmel | Cap-Haitien | Milot | Labadie | PAPJAZZ Festival Week
17 Jan, 19


I don’t think there are any words that can adequately describe this experience. Whatever you expect, it exceeds. It’s nice to see Haiti outside of the narrative we often hear. Dina puts a lot of thought and passion behind every day of this trip, the hospitality, the culture, the history, the food - you get a little bit of everything on this trip. Not to mention the friendships formed, never once do you feel alone. I will definitely be back!


After procrastinating for years, I finally took a chance and booked my Haiti vacation in 2016 - I wasn't sure what to expect with My Haiti Travels (MHT) but was pleasantly surprised. So pleasant that I'm a repeat traveler whenever I get the chance. The travel organization curated a trip that included history, culture, amazing food (seriously), local shopping, excursions, and my favorite - service. The group's owner scouts various locations throughout the year to bring MHT a unique, well-planned and engaging vacation with the perfect amount of exploration time. As I prepare for my next trip, I'm eager with anticipation to see what's in store for us this time around. If you are looking for a travel group, consider MHT for your next trip to Haiti.
By Ligmie Preval on 8 Jan, 19
Whenever I have an opportunity to travel abroad, I enjoy doing so in a small intimate group with experienced travel experts. My recent visit to Haiti with MHT was just that. Dina and Alan were great hosts that selected wonderful hotel accommodations, memorable excursions and historical sites, deliciously authentic meals and a day to give back to the local community. For me it was worth every penny. MHT, thank you for the chance to see Haiti through your eyes and experiencing something wonderful. I hope to be back soon! Anique
By Anique Harrigan on 26 Jan, 19