I mean, how do you even describe this retreat? Heart Opening was just the beginning. Deep, comforting, warm, open, stretching myself, loving, patient, FUN, curious, sacred. I knew immediately when it was offered that I was meant to go, despite not knowing anyone outside of following on Instagram. I truly made lifelong soul friends. I got to know myself better. I am still receiving so much from this gathering, even a month later. I love these people, truly and deeply. Alex and Sena are such a wonderful pair to work with. Complementary in the best ways. I wish I could do this once a month! :) Thank you, thank you, thank you.


alex is a beautiful being - my partner and i completed her reiki 1 workshop together. it was a magical day with so much love and high vibes. she so clearly values sacred community - the venue, the folks, the layout, the snacks, etc. all contributed to an incredible experience. immense gratitude! definitely recommend rocking with alex.
By Angie Davis on 6 Feb, 18