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Amazing trip! Thank you so much for choosing a retreat center that was community-focused, women-run, sustainable, attached to an organic farm and awesome. Amber and Colleen were top notch teachers and fostered a restorative environment. Loved the daily yoga, loved the insight into ayurveda. Came home feeling full and refreshed! Mar de Jade staff was so incredible, warm and genuine - really felt like being at someone's home rather than a hotel/resort.
Mar de Jade was the perfect setting and it was the perfect week. Thank you, Amber and Colleen, for making it such an incredible experience.
PERFECT!!!!!! Absolutely Perfect!
AMAZING can't wait for next year
Amber & Colleen were inspirational leaders and worked endlessly to make the trip memorable. Honestly I can’t remember ever having such a complete and relaxing experience. Thank you both! The Mar de Jade resort was first rate, my room overlooked the ocean and the crashing waves were the perfect antidote to a wonderful night sleep. The staff attentive and kind. A slice of heaven!
This trip was transformative for me personally, I connected with wonderful women and know in my heart we will be friends for the rest of our lives! You guys thought of everything, there's nothing I would change and look forward to next year:) Clara Cespedes
This was an amazing trip. I felt great about helping fund Mar De Jade and look forward to going back in the future. I made new friends and felt like I strengthened my sense of community in Chicago and also now in California. I learned new things about myself and enjoyed the relaxed pace of the retreat. The food was amazing and accommodations lovely. ❤️