Past Trips

Summer SOULstice Retreat
Summer SOULstice Retreat
New Smyrna Beach, FL, USA
20 Jun, 2019
Soul Sisters Retreat
Soul Sisters Retreat
Sedona, AZ, USA
27 Aug, 2019


I loved this trip. Sedona is the definition of awesome. Amber is powerful in her element. And getting to know everyone in a sisterhood was very special. Hurricane Dorian tried its best to ruin the good intentions of some participants, whittling us down from 12 to 5 by the last day as those from Florida had to return home to be with family and tend to their homes. Those of us who were meant to be there and experience true growth were rewarded with mystical experiences and hidden insights. I would love for this to be an annual pilgrimage for me!
By Andrea G for Soul Sisters Retreat on 16 Sep, 2019
Reviewing Amber and reviewing the retreat would be two different things for me. Amber is a beautiful soul that radiates positivity and love. She is truly an inspiration with her gratitude and appreciation for life. A soul I will never forget. More overall time with her as a group would’ve been amazing. The retreat...I honestly felt there was too much free time for the price we paid. Excess free time led to people breaking off into cliques and some sisters never got the chance to get to know each other due to this. More structured activities would’ve been great. More meditation for sure. Also more breakfast and lunch options would’ve been nice. Wasn’t a fan of the food. I’m glad I canceled my rental car since uber and lyfts were used to travel everywhere. I think a more organized travel situation would’ve been better as this again caused separation into groups and the cost of traveling to and from the chosen restaurants included in the retreat price would’ve been nice. Overall review, Amber is AMAZING. The retreat I thought was a spiritual retreat upon signing up and paying for but I feel I ended up on a yoga/vegan vacation, not so much a retreat, that I probably wouldn’t be likely to pay for again. I’d love to attend a retreat held by Amber in the mountains someday!
By Jada P for Summer SOULstice Retreat on 02 Jul, 2019
This trip felt like coming home. I will be forever grateful for the new sisters I found and relationships infused with love, gratitude, and the More! I did feel like there was a lot of "free time" that could have been used for more Soulful activities. With so much free time it kind of cultivated a space to be separate from each other, cliquey, in a way. Wish there would have been more structured "getting to know you" type of things versus just finding the time to talk. More partner work. There were women I left without barely getting to talk to. The food was ok. Alcohol seemed unnecessary for what we came to do. Overall, retreat was beautiful. You could feel the Magic of Spirit all around us the entire weekend. Amber is such a bright light. The house was gorgeous. Cannot wait to be reunited!
By Jacquelyn S for Summer SOULstice Retreat on 02 Jul, 2019