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Gathering in Beauty
Gathering in Beauty
Bell Valley Retreat Center
19 Nov, 2021

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Pilates and Wellness Retreat
Pilates and Wellness Retreat
Bell Valley Retreat Center, Boonville, CA, USA
09 Nov, 2018
Enliven the Spirit!
Enliven the Spirit!
Boonville, CA, USA
08 Nov, 2019


Fabulous! Amy is more than just an organizer par excellence! Her warmth and endless thoughtfulness along with her ability to carry off a stellar retreat where everyone felt sincerely welcomed sets her in a class by herself. She worked so hard to plan every detail, and then rode through various glitches with grace and charm. Amy's gracious hospitality made everyone feel welcome and important. Her partner, Paul, was a wonderful presence with his informative myths and astrology. His cooking friend, Emma, was lovely. Her participation and delicious food added greatly to the whole experience. I can't wait until the next Enliven the Spirit, and hope perhaps Amy can set one up for spring or early summer.
By Sue M for Enliven the Spirit! on 25 Nov, 2019
I believe everyone who attended this trip had a delightful time, which indeed, enlivened the spirit. The setting was gorgeous and tranquil, perfect for the short hikes, pilates activities, tuning into your own growth and getting to know the others. The venue was beautiful and very well appointed. Emma prepared amazingly beautiful and delicious meals and the time shared at the table, as well as the optional group activities, lent themselves to interacting with the other participants. It was a pleasure to talk with and get to know these folks from different parts of the Bay Area and world. The optional private half-hour sessions with Amy and Paul were also informative... I only wish I had taken notes to help me remember the details of what we discussed! The trip to the Penny Royal Goat Farm and Winery was also a treat, as I hadn‘t been up in this area of California before. I am very glad that I was able to be part of the trip this year and would recommend it to others in the future. Amy and her team planned and executed a relaxing, informative and renewing weekend!
By Margo P for Enliven the Spirit! on 16 Nov, 2019
I can't say enough about this fantastic retreat weekend! Amy and team are truly pros who cultivated a relaxing weekend full of fun, exercise, self-care, by fostering a space for work on mind-body connectivity. Amy is an intuitive and talented Pilates instructor with years of experience that she uses to make each class member at every skill level feel comfortable, engaged, and challenged. The retreat center is absolutely beautiful with lots of outdoor space to hike around and get to know the beautiful Boonville mountains. The walking meditation on our last day was a nice way to spend some quiet time while communing with nature and the other retreat-goers, and I also really enjoyed the excursion to the mineral baths! Last but not least, I would come back just to eat Bassamat's food! She is a master chef and we were so lucky to have her along for the weekend. Can't wait for the next one--I'll definitely be coming again :)
By Sarah E S for Pilates and Wellness Retreat on 06 Jun, 2019