Past Trips


This has been one of the greatest experiences of my life! I will forever be beyond grateful towards Boris, Sasha and our wonderful Xaman for bringing this medicine to us in such a pure, authentic and thoughtful way. Boris and Sasha have a true vocation for helping others through ayahuasca and accessorily also have a real talent for creating a safe space, self growth and sharing their knowledge about the incredible shamanic culture. Their organizational skills which make this retreat an extremely comfortable place with great facilities and incredible food are just an added benefit..I would advice APL to anyone! Thank you again!
By Paola E for Retreat in Spain July 20-25 on 27 Jul, 2021
I’m not a vocal person I never write reviews but APL most definitely deserve one! I arrived feeling very unsure about what I wanted in life, Aya gave me everything I NEEDED I left feeling so nurtured, loved, and cared for I also received crystal clear visions and feelings about my future. Massive thank you to APL for everything they did they truly go above and beyond to ensure you have the best experience possible ❤️
By Minakshri R for Retreat in Spain July 12-17 on 27 Jul, 2021
What a beautiful experience. Full of love, care, progress and luxury. Everything was just perfect. The Ayuasca experience helped me to get rid of some obstacles from the past and brought me helpful Insights. I was impressed by all the details. Roman, the Shaman who guided the ceremonies did this with great dedication and everything he did was allways exactly on the right time. I am also very grateful for his work and his NGO which helps to preserve parts of the Amazon Rainforest; the lungs of the earth so highly needed for humanity. Besides this the yoga class was of outstanding quality, just like the food, the surroundings and all present staff. Everything to make us feel welcome and relaxed. Boris, Alexander and Amanda of APL travel are people who walk the talk in love, care, professinal guidance and dedication. Nothing is too much and they constantly encourage us to ask them for help and assistance of any kind and guided us to get the most outof this experience and bring out the best of us all. I can highly recommend this and like to say: if you like to make a step in life: go for it!
By Marja B for Retreat in Spain July 12-17 on 20 Jul, 2021