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So much to say about this transformational experience. For me the Big Island is my jam. I go there often. Experiencing my island with these two beautiful souls and the people they brought together was magical. The retreat center was peaceful and beautiful. The Sunset from our private oasis on the hillside of Kealakekua Bay breathtaking. The food delicious and plentiful with our private chef. It was all I love and needed on my island at that time. Great spirits, yoga, chanting, beaches , water, sun, swimming with the ancient history keepers. Music from the heart with heartfelt souls dancing into the night. Yes it was that good. Lisa B
It was a dream come true! Our lovely, talented hosts, the gorgeous setting, beautiful live music, yoga with chanting, delicious food, and the other guests were all so wonderful! Also loved our darling chef Maria & insight visit with Kumu a wise Hawaiian gentleman.
Amazing trip! My first retreat and I would definitely come back! Great serene location for yoga and views of the bay. If you need some time away from the craziness of life and time to connect with yourself and nature I'd recommend this trip. Annanda & Jaya were amazing integrating music, yoga and coordinating the whale and dolphin trip. Thanks so much. Be sure to rent a car.
It was the best trip of my lifetime!!!! Meticulously choreographed by Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda Ji, it was blissfully divine. Villa Sumaya, where they choose to offer their retreat, was simply outstanding!!! Not only was it magnificent architecturally, they offered an array of unique services, they have the most efficient and friendly staff, and their 3 vegetarian per day is yummy. I look forward to being there again soon.
I absolutely loved this trip! It combined just the perfect set of elements that truly allowed my spirit to soar into a place of pure bliss. Jaya Laksmi and Ananda are beautiful souls and what is transmitted through their music and teaching is something that touches me deeply. I loved the location at the Sacred Earth Temple. The environment was relaxing and absolutely stunning. The circular space of the temple with windows that showed the most amazing view of land meeting ocean meeting sky soothed my soul and activated my senses. I also loved the crytsalline energy in the space. The meals were amazing and I enjoyed the eating area. The accomodations were perfect for me as I kind of love a little more wild and a little less of the day to day conveniences. It was joyful for me to leave my room and walk to the composting toilet especially in the early morning as it gave me an opportunity to see the star lit sky ... I got to see galaxies I never ever would have seen otherwise. I also enjoyed not having electricity. It was a nice contrast and made me feel closer to the earth. I know the one complaint that I heard from others had to do with the accomodations. I feel if this were more designated spaces for retreat participants to stay then some others would have been more comfortable. However, for me personally, I LOVED my bed, my view, my roomate Janelle and having to walk outdoors to use the bathroom and shower. I truly enjoyed all aspects of this trip! The boat rides were exquisiste, the music blew my heart wide open, the Maui land connects me so deeply with the Earth and Sky; the pure love, wisdom, humbleness and playfulness transmitted by Lakshmi and Ananda was a gift (of course:) and all of the particiapants became soul family almost instantly. I am just so happy that I went on this journey! Love Everlasting!


Sat Nam, Namaste... I have been a kundalini Yogi ( as taught by Yogi Bhajan) going on 6 years. The practice has been everything my soul was craving. There is asana, pranayama, mudra, mantra and deep meditation. Though it isn’t necessarily a religious practice, my journey to connect to god was awakened. I am living in my purest potential where God is One, Ek Ong Kar, we are one and all are divine. While searching for mantra and music to add to my home practice, I came upon the sacred chants and devotional music of Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda Yogiji. As I listened to kirtan written in Gurbani, Sanskrit and English, I knew I had connected to a source that experienced life as I do, with love, reverence and compassion. I could feel their authenticity, devotion and love of God, which I have come to learn has so many different names but is all one. My inner world became wide with more understanding, my practice more sweet, sacred and healing and my presence reflecting the bliss and abundance that I feel. Overtime, I have enjoyed Alter of Love weekends and a Hawaii retreat with these beautiful souls. I experienced Kirtronica, their ecstatic Bhakti dance music. I learned about the sacred ritual of cacao and now eat chocolate in a more spiritual way. I have taken many yoga classes over the years. Lakshmi and Ananda practice and teach in a more holistic manner than I have ever experienced. They each bring their own devotion and combine the two where you can sense and integrate the sacred feeling of god is one into your being. I connect more deeply and bow to the divine within, feel the sweetness of life and know myself as love. I sit in radiant bliss! I can honestly say, I feel the love and devotion Lakshmi and Ananda have for each other, to god, to Mother Earth, to Grandmother and Grandfather and to each student who they share their time with.They both so want to connect all of us to that which is real, our Sat Nam, our truth. This is their path and their journey and I’m grateful our paths have crossed. I look forward to all of your paths crossing, as well! Ang Sung Wahe Guru Suzy
By Suzy and Tim Reeder on 17 Oct, 19
Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda create the most amazing space, whether it’s an Alter of love Weekend or a Hawaii retreat, they truly hold sacred space. The love that they share with the world is incredible. Kirtronica, kundalini Yoga, Music, Chanting, cacao. They bridge so many modalities and tickle your heart of life. You allways leave with a new sense of self, love, and connection. Give Thanks 🙏
By Ocean Travelers on 18 Oct, 19
We thoroughly enjoyed our retreat in Hawaii with Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda. So much so that we are doing it again! The intimate chanting every evening was a dream come true. The whale excursions were an amazing experience that we will never forget! Waking up with kundalini yoga and the accompanying live music was fantastic. The cacao ceremony was a deeply enriching experience. Our whole family was made to feel very welcome and we created friendships that will last a lifetime. The kirtronica on the last evening was an absolutely blast, heart opening and uplifting! Looking forward to more adventures and much love to Jaya Lakshmi and Amanda. Wahe Guru!
By Ryan & Bobbi Henderson on 25 Oct, 19
A beautiful musical and magical spiritual journey we will remember for a lifetime. Perfect balance of kundalini, music & chants, ceremonies, great vegetarian food, new friends, and exciting adventures. During our whale excursion, we summoned these wonderful great beings with music and drumming. On our first swim, a Momma and baby whale approached us and came eye to eye with us, then offered a high 5 with its fin before cruising back into the wild deep blue from whence they came. Wahe Guru! Lakshmi and Ananda led us to this magical experience. They are great musicians, teachers, guides, and just wonderful people we feel grateful to have gotten to know and become friends with. Hence we are headed to the Guatemala retreat and look forward to another magical journey. Sat Nam, Fez & Kellye
By Kellye Howell on 25 Oct, 19