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I absolutely loved this trip! It combined just the perfect set of elements that truly allowed my spirit to soar into a place of pure bliss. Jaya Laksmi and Ananda are beautiful souls and what is transmitted through their music and teaching is something that touches me deeply. I loved the location at the Sacred Earth Temple. The environment was relaxing and absolutely stunning. The circular space of the temple with windows that showed the most amazing view of land meeting ocean meeting sky soothed my soul and activated my senses. I also loved the crytsalline energy in the space. The meals were amazing and I enjoyed the eating area. The accomodations were perfect for me as I kind of love a little more wild and a little less of the day to day conveniences. It was joyful for me to leave my room and walk to the composting toilet especially in the early morning as it gave me an opportunity to see the star lit sky ... I got to see galaxies I never ever would have seen otherwise. I also enjoyed not having electricity. It was a nice contrast and made me feel closer to the earth. I know the one complaint that I heard from others had to do with the accomodations. I feel if this were more designated spaces for retreat participants to stay then some others would have been more comfortable. However, for me personally, I LOVED my bed, my view, my roomate Janelle and having to walk outdoors to use the bathroom and shower. I truly enjoyed all aspects of this trip! The boat rides were exquisiste, the music blew my heart wide open, the Maui land connects me so deeply with the Earth and Sky; the pure love, wisdom, humbleness and playfulness transmitted by Lakshmi and Ananda was a gift (of course:) and all of the particiapants became soul family almost instantly. I am just so happy that I went on this journey! Love Everlasting!