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True Nature Portugal Retreat
True Nature Portugal Retreat
Vila Nova de Milfontes, Portugal
17 Oct, 20
COSTA RICA RETREAT January 2-9th, 2021
COSTA RICA RETREAT January 2-9th, 2021
Ahki Sanctuary, Nosara, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica
2 Jan, 21
COSTA RICA RETREAT January 9-16th, 2021
COSTA RICA RETREAT January 9-16th, 2021
Ahki Sanctuary, Nosara, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica
9 Jan, 21

Past Trips

COSTA RICA RETREAT January 11-18th, 2020
COSTA RICA RETREAT January 11-18th, 2020
Ahki Sanctuary, Nosara, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica
11 Jan, 20
COSTA RICA RETREAT January 4-11th, 2020
COSTA RICA RETREAT January 4-11th, 2020
Ahki Sanctuary, Nosara, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica
4 Jan, 20
Meditation & Yoga Retreat
Meditation & Yoga Retreat
Willard, WI, United States
15 Mar, 19
COSTA RICA RETREAT January 12-19th, 2019
COSTA RICA RETREAT January 12-19th, 2019
Ahki Sanctuary, Nosara, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica
12 Jan, 19
COSTA RICA RETREAT January 5-12th, 2019
COSTA RICA RETREAT January 5-12th, 2019
Ahki Sanctuary, Nosara, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica
5 Jan, 19
Mindful Strength Workshop with Kathryn Bruni Young
Mindful Strength Workshop with Kathryn Bruni Young
Mound Street Yoga Center, Madison, Wisconsin
13 Oct, 18
BALI Ayurveda, Yoga & Meditation Retreat
BALI Ayurveda, Yoga & Meditation Retreat
Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia
16 Jun, 18
COSTA RICA RETREAT January 13-20th, 2018
COSTA RICA RETREAT January 13-20th, 2018
Ahki Sanctuary, Nosara, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica
13 Jan, 18
COSTA RICA RETREAT January 6-13th, 2018
COSTA RICA RETREAT January 6-13th, 2018
Ahki Sanctuary, Nosara, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica
6 Jan, 18
MINDFUL STRENGTH Weekend Immersion with Kathryn Bruni-Young
MINDFUL STRENGTH Weekend Immersion with Kathryn Bruni-Young
Quarry Arts Building, 715 Hill Street, suite 150, Madison, Wisconsin
11 Nov, 17
The Christine Center, W8303 Mann Rd, Willard, WI 54493
24 Mar, 17


Perfect timing given all that is going on the world. I found it incredibly comforting and helpful to practice in community with superb guidance from Andrea and Cheryl. The Christine Center is truly sacred space.
As usual my experience is better each time I get to be a part of Andrea’s retreats! The food at The Christine Center is so delicious and nutritious I want to learn how to cook like they do there! Sheryl was a perfect addition to this retreat. I’ve never met her before and she is such a smart woman and explains things so well. I’d actually like to talk to her one on one! Thank you Andrea and Sheryl for being a great team. I learn more every visit! Love, Sid🙏
Thank you for a great retreat! Your knowledge and understanding of human anatomy was insightful and beneficial. You created a wonderful environment for stretching our hearts and minds.
Andrea's attention to detail made everything about the experience flow without a hitch. Once at the retreat center, which was beautiful, quiet and supportive to relaxation and reflection, Andrea provided a balance of structure and down time. The food was delicious and healthy. The environment stunning and breathtaking. The leader was skillful, accommodating to the needs of the diverse group of learners. Without hesitation, I highly recommend!
Andrea Russell was fantastic as a yoga and ayurveda instructor. The retreat was well organized, inspiring and intimate.
John and I had a wonderful time at the yoga retreat with Andrea. She is SO inspiring! We learned so much about the general tenets underlying ayurveda, and how these are used to increase our awareness of ourselves and life around us. We are excited about using the relaxation and breathing techniques to ground ourselves in our own practice, and hope to remember the many yoga 'poses' or 'exercises' that we were shown. The evening sessions (foot and body massage and marma points) were particularly soothing. We enjoyed meeting the other yoga students, and felt that Andrea did a great job at "melding" the group. AHKi was a beautiful facility; it was very peaceful and we particularly enjoyed being able to view the ocean from the top of the mountain. The food was delicious, I particularly enjoyed the soups at lunchtime. The rooms were spacious and well-maintained. The staff paid a lot of attention to detail; for example, the food at each meal was beautifully displayed. The only suggestion I have to improve AHKi is the shower in our room. The shower control was "touchy"; it was difficult to get warm water, the water was either very hot or very cold, usually on the cold side, but we considered that a minor inconvenience. Our driver Roger was great and very personable. Thank you Andrea for an outstanding experience!
Wonderful retreat space, teacher and learning!
Thank you so much, Andrea. As always it was a wonderful weekend of rest and revitalization. I always learn so many useful self-care techniques on your retreats.
This was my first yoga retreat experience, and it was just what I was looking for. Comfortable (albeit sparse) accomdations, wonderful food, a beautiful setting and great program & agenda.
This was an amazing getaway. The location of the Christine Center is such a lovely space and you feel instantly calm and relaxed as you approach the facility. The weekend increases in serenity as Andrea begins her time with you. You can feel your body and mind connecting with nature and the calmness of Andrea's voice places you in such a special place of relaxation. I would highly recommend this adventure for every aspect of the retreat from what we practiced, to the facility and staff, the accommodations and the food that had me going for seconds almost every meal Wonderful memory!
Andrea is an inspirational retreat leader! I left feeling refreshed and eager to dive further into all that I had learned about Ayurveda during the retreat. The Christine Center is beautiful in its simplicity, and the shared 2 person cabin with kitchenette and bathroom/shower was quaint and comfortable. I would go back again.
We had a wonderful time in a beautiful place! Andrea was amazing, and the retreat with its yoga and meditation practices, and Ayurvedic education was amazing.
I felt very comfortable with the group. I would have liked to sleep better in cooler accomodations. The food was better than expected. The instruction was excellent. The location exceeded my wildest dreams. I liked the options provided for free time.
There are no words to describe the respect, gratitude and appreciation I have for Andrea and the time, care and love she pours into every retreat she organizes. Her preparation and execution is always on point!!! If you ever leave one of Andrea's retreats not fulfilled, grounded and renewed...then that's on you to own!! Greece was magical, but that magic was indeed amplified by all of the great people that shared the Itha108 space!! ❤️❤️❤️
Wonderful retreat , fist time at the Christine Center and meeting Andrea Russell. The setting was amazing but even better was our instruction and program with Andrea Russel - I had an amazing time and will be back.
Beautiful location, if a bit remote. Tranquil surroundings, healthful meals, and amazing yoga and meditation instruction.
I had a great weekend in Willard WI with Andrea Russell and the other people who attended her retreat May 3-5, 2019. The yoga sessions were excellent and the meditation was very special. The helpful and useful information regarding Ayurvedic principles gave me much to think about. We were blessed with warmth and sunshine for the retreat. Attendees could choose to be in silence for part or all of the weekend and of course during yoga and meditation it makes sense to not talk. I was surprised that outside of the group sessions silence was required at the beginning and end of the day. I went with a friend to be able to re-connect with her and found silence cumbersome in that regard.
This is a fantastic retreat at a wonderful location.
Christine Center was lovely, except for the tick threat (and some people actually got ticks embedded). The sisters were wonderful, bed comfortable and yoga company was mellow to be around. I assume there will be a questionnaire for the actual retreat activities.
The retreat was so relaxing and enlightening! Andrea is a great speaker and I learned a lot about the principles of Ayruveda. We met a lot of interesting people, the small group talks were helpful for this purpose! The Christine Center is a hidden gem in the woods, with a beautiful rotunda room perfect for yoga and meditation. It was great to get away from the noise and chaos of the city and listen to the sounds of nature. The food was fresh and healthy and the people working on staff were so kind and helpful.
I would highly recommend this experience to anyone. As a culture, we are so wrapped up in "doing" and are constantly being pulled in so many directions. Taking this chance to push the pause button and commit to a short weekend of silence, supported by Andrea and Cheryl, was an eye opening experience in helping me realize just how much our culture supports business of both the body and mind. The meditation and yoga paired so well together - each practice supporting the other. The nutritious food was vast in variety and was extremely delicious as well. This weekend helped me realize that there is so much more to a balanced life than simply finding time to relax. We have the potential to go deeper and connect with ourselves and the world around us on a deeper level. I left with many tools to feed a lifelong practice. I'm looking forward to another retreat experience in the future.
Wonderful weekend. Amazing food and excellent instruction. Will be back!
A very meaningful experience. Andrea and Sheryl were a great combination. They really complimented each other. I especially liked and appreciated the Zen teachings and interpretation. Christine Center was also wonderful as usual. Great food!!! Thank you.
Andrea is a master teacher and a lovely human. My experience was nothing less than transformational. I look forward to the next time I can practice with her at another retreat.
The retreat was well-organized. The teachers for the retreat were knowledgable and able to convey their knowledge in an understandable, practice-based way. And, as always it was lovley being back at The Christine Center. The food was excellent. I would definitley sign up for another retreat with Andrea and Cheryl. Well done!
The resort was fabulous , the people wonderful and the area of Costa Rica beautiful . Andrea as our instructor was amazing and we learned and had new experiences every day . I would say the experience was something very special.
What an amazing retreat! From the moment I registered to the moment I returned to the airport a week later, every detail for our comfort and ease was taken into account. Many thanks to Karen for her vision for AHKí and seeing it through with such exquisite attention! Andrea Russell is a supremely gifted yoga and meditation teacher. Her instruction of Alignment Yoga and meditation provided rich insights into my body, mind and spirit as did her daily dharma talks on Ayurveda with experiential treats each evening. As for AHKí, such sublime comforts! The yoga shala offers spectacular views of the surrounding jungle, ocean, tropical birds, occasional gifts of friendly Howler monkey families passing through in nearby trees. Time around the pool observing birds and chatting with new friends was a daily delight. Hanging out in the hammock-chairs up in the shala for sunsets each evening imprinted indelible memories of beauty. Food was delicious and photo-worthy; our rooms were spacious and beautiful; the beds & pillows were wonderfully comfortable. (OMG, the open-air showers were incredible!) While there was an option to go into town each afternoon, I chose to luxuriate at AHKí on most days as it is truly a special sanctuary; however, I joined the group one afternoon for an enjoyable kayaking outing. One afternoon, I opted for a fantastic massage there at AHKí; Karen provides a menu of available masseuses with various specialties. The entire week deeply nourished and restored me on every level. I will most certainly return on another retreat with Andrea Russell at AHKí! Blessings to all! Julia
The entire trip was fantastic. Andrea is a well spring of yogic and ayurvedic knowledge, the location is beautiful with monkeys and birds, delicious food, the beaches, the chocolate, swimming in the infinity pool while the sun , the yoga, meditation, the list goes on an on. I spent the entire drive back to the airport trying to savor all of the memories, almost too many to recall. Honestly, words cannot really do this retreat justice. Life changing and inspiring. If you are reading this to figure out whether or not to commit to going, the only answer is yes. I'm now trying to figure out how to live my life like I am always on this retreat. Thank you Andrea!
Andrea is really good at what she does. She is deeply knowledgeable about the topic, has wonderful energy and is funny to boot. The Christine Center is the perfect, welcoming respite. I really enjoyed my massage and the food is delish. The accommodations are pretty rustic so if you are looking for fancy this is not the place. A lovely experience.
I enjoyed this retreat very much. Andrea sets a grounded and steady pace and gradually walks participants into deep calm. The classes were an interesting and effective part of the process, and there was also permission to miss a class if one felt the need to be by oneself. The space at the Christine Center is so lovely and the atmosphere so peaceful, it perfectly supports the retreat. And the food is delicious and healthful.
It was a breakthrough weekend for me. Andrea is knowledgable and compassionate. I recommend her retreats to anyone looking for a welcoming approach in a calm environment. Im looking forward to sitting with Andrea again soon. Thanks Andrea! Namaste.
I had a wonderful time the people were great and the food was delicious. The place itself was lovely as well as the surrounding community. Andrea is a wonderful inspirational teacher/guide. I am able to incorporate some of the things I learned there into my classrooms.
I really couldn’t have asked for a better week. The setting was beautiful, the rooms we comfortable, the food was excellent and Andrea’s program was thoughtful, fulfilling and inspiring. This was my second retreat with Andrea and I can’t wait for the next one, highly recommend!
My time in Bali was truly an experience that I will always treasure. The accommodations at the Shala Bali were very comfortable. Mind the daily removal of frogs and the water on the bathroom floor after a rain, these could be put aside as the meals, the pool, and the staff were superior. I liked too that the Shala was set away from the hustle and bustle of Ubud, nestled in the rice paddies. When describing the yoga teachings and meditation; professional and knowledgeable about the practice of yoga and its sister Ayurveda. In addition, daily meditation brought a sense of calm to my personal well-being.
I had a wonderful experience. Andrea is very knowledgeable and she cares about her clients. I loved the fact we were able to expand our knowelege on self care and a new culture..
The retreat weekend was lovely from start to finish. So grateful for the learning, yoga, and opportunities for stillness. Andrea brings the superb mix of quiet gentleness, fun, knowledge and wisdom - I thrive on her presence. Christine Center is an integral ingredient to the beauty and nourishment of this retreat. As always, feeling grateful.
Amazing experience, special place with incredible instructor!
When I decided that I wanted to do a yoga retreat, I considered several options in different countries. What drew me to Andrea's retreat was how it was structured - a mix of meditation, yoga, local excursions and great food seemed like a nice, balanced way to rest and recharge my batteries. Not only was my instinct right, but the retreat went far beyond my expectations! Whether you are a total yoga and meditation newbie like myself, or an experienced practitioner like a number of the other retreat participants, everyone can find so much to enjoy and learn on this retreat. Andrea's positive energy, combined with the stunning setting (and food!) of the Ahki sanctuary and nearby Nosara, made this retreat a unique and memorable experience as well as a perfect way to start the new year.
You couldn't ask for a better combination of remote, stunning Costa Rican surroundings and Andrea's top notch teachings. AHKI Retreat Sanctuary Staff are so kind, and the organic food is delicious. A highlight: the Howler monkeys climbing through the trees to view class and learn a few new yoga poses. :)
This trip was absolutely transformational! The retreat center was beautiful and the food was amazing - I truly enjoyed the focus on vegetarian, fresh food. I was never hungry and it helped me start my year on a good note. Andrea was the best retreat leader, you can tell she pours her heart and soul into teaching us about yoga, meditation and Ayurveda. I would go back in a heartbeat. We got to see monkeys - feet away from me! I felt very calm, safe and supported here.
The transportation and availability was wonderful. Enjoyed daily opportunity to go out to beach or on other excursion. Housing was amazing and housekeeping was fabulous. Grounds and physical plant very well maintained. Inviting and relaxing. Would have been helpful to have more information about food offered. Was very low carb. Expected more 'typical' Costa Rican food. Seemed like a lot of pureed, and finely minced or chopped foods with nearly all mixed together and hard to identify what was being offered. Onions, and garlic, in nearly every dish. Surely there are other herbs and seasoning available to provide balanced and varied tastes. Had expected less spices and larger pieces of food that could be more easily picked around. Would suggest that the type of food being offered be better explained so those with specific food sensitivities (especially newcomers) are aware of challenges. Schedule of retreat itself was good. Wouldn't have minded starting meditation at 6 or 6:30 am.
Another great retreat. We enjoyed the yoga/meditation practice, the people, and the activities. The new cooking class was a great addition.
Loved the space! Food was so amazing, as being vegan and gluten free- I loved not having to worry about bringing food each. Facility was beautiful
Wonderful instruction, food, and accommodation. Would highly recommend!
Andrea is a wonderful teacher of Ayurvedic principles, yoga and meditation. Beautiful setting in the wooded countryside to reflect and nourish with the fabulous meals provided.
Thank you for the great experience! I love what I learned and am looking forward to signing on for more. There was so much great stuff to take in And take home. Thanks again!
The weekend sessions were cery informative and Katheryn was a very engaging instructor. I would attend another session with her. I have one suggestion. Since this was my first experience with you, and I came from out of town, I read many of Kathryn’s reviews. The reviews made the weekend sound like an overnight retreat with food provided. Luckily I decided to verify that with you a few days ahead of time and found out that I had to make overnight arrangements. It Should have been very clear about the distinction between the reviews and the Madison arrangement. Kim Jacobs
I had to travel 2.5 hours and well worth it. I learned so many new nd beneficial things from Kathryn.
I felt transformed by the experience. it took me to a place of stillness and I received new tools to take care of myself better!
A 10! Such a wonderful, restorative weekend. Yoga, meditation and Aryuveda in a beautiful, natural setting with delicious vegetarian food at mealtimes. After only two days, I felt more grounded and recharged. Andrea Russell is a gem!
This was a weekend to completely unplug from your daily life and focus on self-care and mindfulness, while creating community with like-minded people. Andrea is one of the best yoga instructors I've had in 12 years of yoga practice and is an excellent leader.
This was a wonderful experience. I knew it would be great with Andrea, but it exceeded my expectations! I loved every part of the retreat. The center was great, and the sisters were lovely,,,,wouldn't change a thing! Thanks so much :)
Loved it! Such a beautiful space. Everything about it was great; the people, food, trails, library, and all the space the Christine Center had to offer. Andrea is full of such great wisdom! I love learning with her
I learned so much over the weekend and was shocked at how quickly my mind settled and my body woke up! Thankful for the teaching by Michael Stone.
Extremely worthwhile and well organized event. A remote comfortable setting with a variety of delicious and nicely presented food.
The weekend was great! The organization was impeccable, the center is exactly what is needed and the food is wonderful. I definitely plan to attend this/similar retreats in the future and would recommend it to others.
Well organized, beautiful setting, easy registration, FABULOUS FOOD, variety of housing options.( I even got to take along my dog!) The program was well organized and beautifully paced between movement, knowledge, question and answer times. ShaBash! (Hindi for Congratulations on a Job Well Done!)
Wonderful food. Would have like more time to meet others. I wasn't aware that so much of the time would be in silence. I didn'the sleep well. My room was too hot the first night. I figured out how to control it but still worried and heard a lot of sounds that were discomforting. Michael was a joy and so was Andrea. I will return.


My time at the Christine Center for Andrea's retreat was just wonderful. I came away not just feeling refreshed and centered, but with actual tools to move forward with...and so much to think about! Andrea embodies all of the things she talks about, you can see it...feel it. Her knowledge of Ayurveda, the body, nature, and how it all ties into each other, is incredible. Anyone who has the opportunity to experience learning from Andrea should make it a priority to do so!
By Shana Miles on 4 Oct, 19