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This was a great trip, filled with many sites and adventures. Andreina, Franklin, and all of our tour guides did a terrific job of presenting the best of Peru! The days were busy, but we got to see so much more than I would have on my own. They have a wonderful energy and I highly recommend this tour.
I had a lovely time.. Peru's sights are breathtaking and the experience was unforgettable. The group was lively and well organized. Andreina and the local hosts worked very hard to address any issues encountered and were very gracious facilitating the activities of each day, keeping us informed and handling everyday minutia. The tour flowed smoothly and it shows they worked very meticulously to provide a special experience, pleasant stays, unique culinary opportunities and informational tours. The hotels we stayed at were comfortable and pleasant. We got presents, treats, surprises and even a special treat to a 7 course delightful lunch that blew my mind off. From the food sampled, to the settings, to the exquisite attentions given to us by the hosts and vendors I had a lovely time. I'm very happy and grateful for such a special experience.
Andreina is an amazing trip leader. Our group had such a special time together in Peru. I usually travel alone but was drawn to Peru and this trip and I do not regret it! Andreina has an amazing way of bringing people together. This trip was well-organized, packed with fun/inspiration and truly unforgettable. Thank you!!
Very memorable trip! Andreina is an excellent coordinator. She really knows how to seek out quality lodging venues and local excursions. I appreciate that Dejando Huellas trips are unique retreats, always with elements of health, fitness, joy, cultural learning, and of course adventure!
This retreat was loaded with good energy from the teachers, other participants, retreat center and staff, location, wide variety of activities, weather . . . I could go on and on. It was fabulous!
Thank you, Andreina, for another fantastic experience. What an fun and inspiring week - good for the soul! I look forward to next year’s retreat!
This was the perfect balance of fun, adventure, connection, dance and total serene beach hammock swaying. I want more!! You made it so easy and took care of all details so we could just relax and enjoy , thank you!
It was a wonderful trip. Relaxing and rejuvenating!! It was well organized with plenty of time to do everything we wanted!! The people who attended were friendly, thoughtful and fun! The atmosphere set by the organizers was one of inclusivity and love. It was the perfect vacation/ retreat!! Thank you!!
There were plenty of options for activities, the resort and food were fabulous, and Andreina and Adriana attract a wonderful group of people! I got to have as much peaceful/chill-out time as I wanted, and plenty of opportunities for connection and great conversations. Loved the zumba, yoga, and meditation classes! A great retreat!
Andreina and Adriana, thanks for putting attention to each little detail, so we could relax and have so much fun. It was an unforgettable experience. My mother and I had an awesome time. Looking forward to our next trip with you.
Best vacation I’ve ever been on! Wouldn’t have changed a thing!
I had a truly amazing trip! Loved the people, dancing, swimming, exploring and taking time for myself to rest and restore. Can’t wait to do it all again!
The spa retreat was beautiful. The rooms were comfortable and spacious, the meals delicious and plentiful, and we were able to relax with meditation, yoga and beach time, and work out with Zumba, AquaZumba, and hikes. A wonderful location, lovely and helpful hosts. A fabulous week!
As I describe my experience at this yoga and Zumba retreat to my friends and family, I realize how enjoyable and fun the whole experience was for me. The retreat resort was wonderful, along with the food and staff. The warm, diverse, and intelligent group that gathered from all over were amazing. Moreover, I say muchas gracias to the organizers/teachers Andreina, Adriana, and Charles for their attention to details, planning, scheduling the dancing and yoga classes. It was fantastic!!
What a marvelous experience.!! There was so much warmth, love and caring that my husband and I felt immediately upon meeting Andreina and Adriana.This is one of the best trips we have taken. Andreina was extremely professional and communicated with us frequently to keep us informed. The location was paradise, and the activities planned were varied and interesting - something for everyone. So well organized . Anndreina and Adriana were fabulous dancers, and Charles was so patient and a terrific trainer. They provided such great classes and Ronald provided technical support to insure that all went smoothly and there would be lasting memories. We also loved meeting her family who were filled with such warmth and made us feel like family. Everyone was so patient and it didn't matter what level you were, they made everyone feel successful. The group was so dynamic and varied and everyone bonded together quickly. On my birthday Andreina and my daughter planned a surprise celebration complete with singing , cards signed by everyoneand a cake! I was touched and humbled and filled with such gratitude and happiness which I will treasure always. They even inspired my husband to take his first Zumba class.!! Finally as a retired Zumba teacher I have to say this experience exceeded our expectations went above and beyond what was needed. I learned something new each time I went to class. I highly recommend this program and we plan to go again with this group. Thank you for a very memorable experience❤️ Sharon and Courtney
This trip was absolutely perfect. Wonderful people, great classes, delicious food, gorgeous location. It was truly one of the most enjoyable, relaxing weeks I can remember. Thanks for all the hard work that went on behind the scenes that made our stay effortless.
Such an incredible trip. Andreina, Charles and Adriana did a fantastic job putting the whole retreat together. The group was fantastic and the location was so beautiful and relaxing. Would definitely go again.
This trip was a great experience, not only because of the wonderful destination, but mostly because the way it was organized made the entire group feel very solid and able to take advantage of every single experience: bus rides were fantastic and comfortable, drivers were very safe, the food was amazing and varied, the flexibility to choose our own food was great for me! The tour guides were particularly attentive and knowledgeable, and the organizer, Andreina, was olways taking care of every detail, so our group felt taken care of. Great experience! I can’t wait to my next trip with Andreina :)
I had a wonderful time. Andreina was an AMAZING leader - the schedule was a perfect blend of activities and free time & the choices for hotels & restaurants was beyond my expectations. Andreina brought about a warmth to the group that made the experience that much more incredible!