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I really liked the guided meditation, movement practice and yoga nidra! I think the astrology dharma talk would have been a lot more interesting if attendees had been asked to do some background research beforehand. There was a survey asking how familiar we were with astrology and I think this would be a good opportunity to suggest that people learn their sun, moon and rising signs in advance. It was difficult to follow along without any background but it definitely made me interested in learning more! Thanks, Emily
Thanks for your feedback Emily!
A wonderful way to close out the year. Left the session with a sense of peace and also a sense of purpose for the upcoming year and decade. As Nicole said during the circle, you will get what you need when you come to one of Anne and Nicole's events.
I loved it! Great people, amazing food, awesome energy.
It was a wonderful session, learned about the astrological meaning of the solstice, and felt at ease with myself and others. the asana section was just right! The final meditation/shivasana could have been shorter. And as I had another event immediately after, honoring the end time would have been appreciated.
Anne and Nicolette offered a lovely and amazing day of yoga at Zen Gulch Zen Center. So, what did I love about this retreat? I loved the morning vinyasa followed by a super delicious lunch (lentil soup and salad). We had free time after lunch and many of us joined Anne and Nicolette on a chill hike to Muir Beach. We spent the rest of our afternoon working on mysofascial release, yoga nidra, and ended with a closing practice. I feel truly grateful to have spent the day immersed in yoga with two awesome and amazing teachers who each demonstrate a passion for their teaching. I am inspired to continue my practice.
This was a wonderful retreat! Anne and Nicolette created such a warm and welcoming environment. The events of the day flowed seamlessly and were perfectly scheduled. It was a truly restorative and heart strengthening day! Thank you so much!!