Loved this school. All teachers were great (I did the online 200h-TTC - Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga). Ashtanga Vinyasa was quite difficult for me, but in the end I get much better, so if you feel the same I would say for you to just trust the process and keep practicing everyday that you will certainly improve in so many ways at the end of the course! I also loved the anatomy and pranayamas classes with teacher Neeraj. Even working as a sports medicine doctor I was really impressed with the quality of the anatomy classes and I´m already using some of teacher Neeraj examples to explain things for my patients as he is so good in that! The same with the philosophy and ayurveda classes. I would just say that it is really important to practice and study a lot for this course, so be sure to have this time before doing it and also taking care of your rest and nutrition. The school is opened all the time for suggestions and they answer you really quick!! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SCHOOL and I hope they offer other online courses as I´m certainly going to do them!! Arohan Yoga School, thank you so much for everthing (specially with the patience with my english and flexibility lol), you are the best and hope to see you soon in Rishikesh! "ABRAÇOS", Namastê! Mariana Coelho (Brazil)
By Mariana C for Self Paced Online 200 Hours Yoga TTC Approved By Yoga Alliance on 02 Aug, 2021