In the beginning I was a little swamped by India, new culture, new habits, new rules. But the family-atmosphere at arohan yoga, with Neeraj, his lovely wife Sneha and two adorable kids, made it easier for me to understand the indian way of life a bit more. They will always listen, if you have any question and they will always find a way to help you. The different theoretical and practical courses were held by 4 teachers, each one of a kind: Ravi- the hardcore Ashtanga teacher- is responsible for a few grams of extra musclemass and flexibility of my body. He will make you hold the warrior-pose for a few minutes and even more advanced postures- you will hate it- but you will love it, too. Vikas- the creative Hatha teacher- has always a few plans in mind and will create the yogaclass in a way that fits best for you that very day. But don't think he will let you relaaax the whole time, with his assistance you will gain a whole new level of flexibility. Sajaan- the beloved one- this is the meaning of "Sajaan" and describes him perfectly. With his kind and open smile he will explain the whole philosophy behind yoga and will add his favorite mediation techniques. Neeraj- the multitalent- will teach you not only in Iyengar, aerial yoga and anatomy but also in life. By opening up about how and why he made certain decisions and how he developed personally his courses are far away from "dry" (how he likes to describe himself) but became one of my favorites during the whole month. Additionally to the 4 teachers, Sneha was always around and helping with every day problems. She also organized weekend trips and we even did two cooking classes with her and found out that she is the best chef in town! The ayurvedic meals you will get 3 times a day- with extra fresh fruits every day- are really good but again- nothing is better than Snehas meals. There is a wonderful balance between all those 5 characters so that everyone will be able to learn, to improve, to feel at home and understood in this environment. So all in all there is not much left to say except that I really enjoyed every single day of my time at arohan-yoga. Thank you so much for letting me stay even 2 days longer! I learned so much, got so much input and so many new friends that I feel like there is nothing to stop me on my starting yogic-journey.
By Mona H for 07 Aug, 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training-Aerial, Ashtanga, Hatha, Ayurveda on 03 Sep, 2019
An awesome yoga teacher training place. The managements are very proactive in solving problems. They will do their best to accommodate our needs. Neeraj has structure in his teaching. He will explain all the materials in details and patiently explain all over again until we fully understand. Start from iyengar, anatomy, culture and business... apart from that, i remembered when few of the student ft sick he took us to the hospital, took care of us and made sure everything went well. Sneeha.... she is a loving caring and amazing mother of the school. She will make sure each and everyone gets what they need. And when we were sick, she made sure we got our ayurvedic tea. She is a lovely lady. Ravi... he has structure in his teaching and know how to push your limit without hurting u. He is also a funny guy who always twist each and everyone name. Vikas ... he will gladly teach u everything you wanna know!!! He will go to the very basic to strengthen u and also from philosophical side. He is so humble and full of compassion. Its a value for money yoga training school. Well, i told myself to practice, whenever im ready for my 300 hours, i definitely will go back to this school.
By Mahda H for 07 Aug, 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training-Aerial, Ashtanga, Hatha, Ayurveda on 02 Sep, 2019