Past Trips


This was an amazing experience all around! This was a trip of many firsts - 1st yoga retreat, 1st time in Barbados, 1st time surfing, 1st time pulling cards from Alana Fairchild's oracle decks, and many more! The location was absolutely beautiful. I opted for the sea view room which was an added plus. Daily yoga with the powerful sounds of the ocean and sunset views. Delicious fresh food prepared daily by a private chef. I highly recommend this trip! It goes by quickly but I felt there was adequate time to reflect and enjoy the island and accommodations. Aviva is an absolute gem. While the trip felt surreal on many levels, I was filled with immense gratitude that I was able to participate and experience this retreat curated by Aviva & Breathe In Love. Aviva's attention to detail, intentionality, instruction+teaching, compassion, awareness, creativity, awareness, encouragement, and generous spirit are unparalleled. She put me at ease while also challenging me to grow, self-discover, and safely move through discomfort. I didn't know any of the other participants, but I was able to meet some wonderful people throughout the retreat and trip overall. Thank you!