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Yo~Cation with B~Fire in Costa Rica
Yo~Cation with B~Fire in Costa Rica
12 Nov, 2017


This trip to Jaco with B-Fire was a fantastic experience. I truly had the best time of my life. I think it was the combination of the incredible location which I adore and idealize and the host who I also admire. So for me, it was so much fun. I got to do all the things I always wanted to do like horse back riding, kayaking, and hiking through beautiful forests. Hotel lunas was gorgeous and I couldn't been happier with the setting. Of coarse, we got to recharge with yoga. I can't live without that so B-Fire was there to do his teaching and I was so grateful to have him there especially since I don't have him as a teacher in San Jose anymore. I was surprised when he took us out about town and that was a lot of fun. I wasn't expecting that so it was good to go out and see what the night life is like. I had such a good time that I wanted to stay permanently, but I can't do that and I had to come back home. Although, I recommend this trip to anyone interested in Yoga and nature. It's the best!
By leila k for Yo~Cation with B~Fire in Costa Rica on 28 Nov, 2017
I just came back from Costa Rica Yo-Cation!!! This is a must-experience event! We stayed at the DoceLunas resort where they have a beautiful studio looking out into the jungle canopy with incredible wildlife right on the property!!!! This includes; macaws, toucans, capuchin monkeys, raccoons, walking sticks, iguanas, etc. The food is incredible too! It’s fresh and made to order! The accommodations are so large and the staff are so friendly that it was hard to leave them. Beyond our wonderful one-on-one attention during yoga, we had sooo much fun and choices for excursions. We got to horseback ride, kayak, do nature hikes, and get in a little shopping. There were plenty more activities to choose from!!! Brad is planning another event in March and I hope everyone gets to experience Yoga in this paradise. I really thank Brad and loved sharing this experience with my husband, Leila, and all the wonderful people we met in Costa Rica. Doing Bikram yoga in such a beautiful setting really helps you find the mind-body-spirit connection. I would also say that Brian and Shirley went above and beyond to ensure our stay there at the hotel was very memorable! I would recommend my experience with this trip and hotel with anyone. Thank you!
By Rayni O for Yo~Cation with B~Fire in Costa Rica on 27 Nov, 2017