Past Trips

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Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort, Nosara, Costa Rica
19 May, 18
Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort, Nosara, Costa Rica
6 May, 17


Wonderful all round! Wish I could go every three months!
It wasn’t just a week long getaway at the beach. It was an opportunity for profound meditation and growth. The breath work session and sound bath were amazing experiences. I love how calm and centered and supportive both Beverly Jane and Nicole are. They set a tone that encourages people to drop in and also to accept each other and themselves. The restorative yoga class that Nicole lead and Beverly Jane played/sang live music for was such a beautiful event; it will never be forgotten. There was a genuine atmosphere of connecting. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone looking to spend a few days focusing on their health and well being. I left feeling refreshed and relaxed with a sense of peace and inner strength! In addition to the benefits of the yoga practice, we also had a blast surfing, playing in the tide pools, making dream catchers, and salsa dancing. So special!!!
Amazing experience! Great accommodations, great food, great yoga and activities options. Will be back next year! Great job to the trip organizers and yoginis :)
A truly unforgettable, amazing experience. First class yoga + surf instructors, incredible group of guests, beautiful accommodations. I can’t say enough great things about this trip! I hope you organize another trip soon! Thank you for putting this together – you touched the lives of each person who participated.
This trip was more than I could have ever was extraordinary in so many ways and I can honestly say that I got so much more than I signed up for. I recently started some yoga classes as a form of exercise and have been loving it, but I have never understood the spiritual side of yoga. Nicole and Beverly Jane took it to a whole new level for me. From the many styles of yoga that were introduced --> to the other activities and events that were planned --> to the order in which they took place, I found a whole new meaning to the practice of yoga. I'm trying to come up with more words...but there really is no way to describe the magic that happened during this week. It is something that needs to be experienced first hand.
By Stacey Zav for SURF + SOUL + ESPAÑOL on 15 May, 17
This retreat was SO MAGICAL!!! It was everything I hoped it would be and more...the location was paradise, the organizers were so in touch with the needs and desires of the group and really thought of everything. I was able to completely relax and not worry about a single thing. I felt so safe and taken care of! And I loved the yoga. I love yoga anyway but the variety of yoga we experienced and the incredible wisdom of all of the instructors has really deepened my practice in life changing ways. Also the surfing instructors were awesome! I thought I was going to be afraid and probably totally unable to surf but they made it so accessible and I stood right up on my first try! Such an awesome experience. We had an amazing group and it felt like everyone was supported in being their most authentic selves - whether joyful and free dancing in the full moon, quiet and reserved reading a book by the pool, or tearful and deep processing through more difficult emotions. We were all supporting and loving each other through all of it during the most healing, rejuvenating, life-enriching week. I wholeheartedly recommend experiencing this retreat if/when they do it again!
I don't want to talk about how absolutely fabulous this trip was because, selfishly, when they do it again, I want it all to myself! But ok - there wasn't a single thing about this that was even remotely just ok. Everything from the accommodations to the food and the program to the other women who participated was just amazing. One of my best weeks ever! Thank you Beverly Jane and Nicole!
By Jen Grossi for SURF + SOUL + ESPAÑOL on 15 May, 17
Perfect planning, beautiful yoga, wonderful food. It was truly a great recharge and reboot! I look forward to coming back again!