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Bre and Flo- I can't thank you enough for your thoughtfulness and dedication to our Joshua Tree Yoga Retreat. You two continue to impress us all- I can't imagine the months, days and hours of preparation that went into planning every minute of our time together; and somehow you two execute this flawlessly, and with so much love...how do you do it??? Your ability to exemplify mindfulness in every aspect of your lives continues to inspire us all to do the same, and your ability to develop a group of strangers into lifelong friends is extraordinary. Thank you for changing MY life; I will never forget this experience.
I wasn't familiar with Bre or Flo before I spontaneously signed up for their Joshua Tree retreat in March but I am so glad to have found them! They are both incredible humans who put so much love and passion into their practice and teachings. The way they programmed the retreat was perfect with outdoor hiking excursions, a private group session at the Integration (which is really hard to reserve on your own!) and of course the right blend of yoga, breathwork and meditation in both the morning and evening, plus very informative inversion and arm balance workshops. They also secured us in-home Italian chefs preparing completely plant-based meals. This retreat really inspired me and gave me a chance to reset and restart some really healthy practices. Excited to retreat with them again!!
Bre & Flo are amazing yogi's. Their retreat was the perfect combination of yoga, informative lectures, "field-trips," and chill time. They put an immense amount of dedication into planning such a memorable retreat unlike anything I've ever been on. I'm glad I got to be a part of such an amazing location with tons of healing energy & love. Namaste.