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T'was a wonderful retreat and timing for a transition happening in my life. The combination of activities - both athletic, and mindfulness activities were thoughtful and balanced. The food was absolutely amazing, and it was great to be able to have in a "community" space and table for sharing and getting to know others and meet new friends. Thank you Bre, Amy, and Madison for a VERY memorable time and experience! :)) ~ Arlene xo
A wonderful weekend of yoga, hiking and goal setting, combined with deliciously and thoughtfully prepared food and refreshments. I am counting down till the next trip that these three amazing people organize.
It was a real treat to attend Breana and Amy's Yoga, Mindfulness Adventure. It was a great combination with yoga, hiking and mindfulness. All the activities were run with great care and attention to the attendees. Good variety of yoga classes emphasizing different areas of our bodies. The mindfulness was something totally new to me and something I can further explore. Hiking in the Colorado mountains gave us an opportunity to also enjoy the great outdoors. Very satisfying few days. I highly recommend attending future adventures put on by Breana and Amy. Helen from Southern California
The experience at the Yoga, Mindfulness and Adventure was amazing. The yoga instructions was great. I was a first time yogi as I attended with my wife and I was able to complete multiple classes. The workshops for mindfulness were very good for my marriage. The hiking was outstanding as the colorado views were great even in the rain. The food and accommodations were in line with the entire weekend, love it! Thank you to the team that put all this together for my wife and I. We will be back!