Thank you for organizing a fantastic trip! Great food, great accommodation, and even better company!
By Sophia W for Reconnect and Realign with P & B on 13 Apr, 2021
I wish I could review this trip without sounding dramatic, but the truth is this trip was the best experience I could have ever provided myself as a woman. I went into the trip hoping to maybe make a new friend and do some yoga, but what I got out of it instead was a deep connection with myself, an entire group of lifelong friends who I don’t think I have gone more than a couple days without communicating with or seeing, and some ass-kicking workouts tied into some extremely physically zen moments. Priscilla and Brittny to me embody that perfect balance of self awareness to self acceptance. I had more fun than I could’ve imagined, and I even found myself so comfortable that I shed a few tears in the company of strangers. If you are reading this review because you are contemplating whether this trip is worth it, read no farther. I will be back for another retreat, I will continue to follow Priscilla and Brittny as women I aspire to be for the rest of my life, And I am looking forward to meeting whoever is reading this review at the next retreat and creating a lifelong friend. As a woman, just taking the time to connect with ourselves is some thing we never do because we are always doing everything for everyone else. Sometimes a vacation doesn’t look like Hawaii beaches, don’t get me wrong I love those times, but this wellness retreat as a vacation for your soul when it feels so overwhelmed or so heavy burdened. 10/10 would recommend ladies!!!!
By Collyn J for Reconnect to Realign Retreat with P & B on 19 Mar, 2021
In light of last years events, this retreat is exactly what was needed to help me reconnect to my higher self again. It EXCEEDED my expectations. I also didn’t realize how powerful it would be connecting with other amazing, incredible women. Priscilla and Brittny did a PHENOMENAL job creating safe, sacred, and also FUN space for all of us. The resort was beautiful, scenic, and the food and drinks were amazing! If you are debating on attending their retreat, don’t debate any further, just do it! Don’t hesitate! I look forward to attending another one of P&B’s retreats in the future.
By Shauna S for Reconnect to Realign Retreat with P & B on 18 Mar, 2021