Past Trips

SUP Vinyasa Traverse City Retreat
SUP Vinyasa Traverse City Retreat
Traverse City, MI, United States
23 Jun, 2017
Playa Santa Teresa, Costa Rica
25 Feb, 2018


What an amazing trip! The boutique hotel was beautiful and only a two minute walk to the beach. Doing yoga everyday and learning how to do handstands was a lot of fun. Everyone who I met one the trip was so friendly and full of love. The food prepared by Chef Dave was absolutely incredible. We took a surfing lesson during the week as a group and also went on a mini hike to check out some waterfalls. Both of those group activities were a blast! Plenty of free time during the week to explore Santa Teresa on your own or with fellow people on the trip. I recommend doing zip lining and renting ATVs. Only thing I would ask from the organizers for future trips is to send out a list of things recommended to bring on the trip and also make sure to inform that all meals are vegetarian or vegan. Perhaps offering an option to include some meals with meat for an extra price would be beneficial to non vegan guests. Can’t wait for next year’s trip!
By Nathan S for COSTA RICA - YOGADVENTURE RETREAT on 06 Mar, 2018
This week was truly transformative. I really enjoyed the daily yoga, the Montezuma and Surfing excursions, and most definitely the delicious food concocted perfectly by chef Dave. There are a few aspects, however, that I would like to bring to your attention. The overall communication in terms of getting to and from the airport was not ideal. I felt that there was not enough information on how to get there, especially when traveling alone, and I was personally not prepared for the expense of this travel. The amount of money I had to spend was more than I was told to expect. Just something to keep in mind moving forward. Furthermore, although it was not personally a physical issue for me, I think it would be useful for future Costa Rica retreat members to know what the Montezuma hike entails. I personally was not expecting a full-fledged rock climbing session, albeit I did end up really enjoying it. This may be problematic, though, for those who have crippling fears of heights or those who are not physically apt for this type of strenuous exercise. Overall I had an experience that will leave me with some of the most fond (and challenging) memories for the rest of my life. I think this is mainly due to the support and love that I received from everyone involved. Thank you.
By Maddie R for COSTA RICA - YOGADVENTURE RETREAT on 05 Mar, 2018
Wonderful atmosphere and excellent food
By Krysti F for SUP Vinyasa Traverse City Retreat on 04 Jul, 2017