Wonderful experience! Wouldn’t want to do it without Mike teaching.
The trip was fantastic from start to finish--truly memorable...
We have nothing but praise for our trip to Israel. Not only were we able to visit the places where Jesus had been, but we felt such a closeness to be at these exact places Jesus and Mary were. It made our faith very real. Each day was a very moving experience. We were so fortunate to have our two sons and daughter-in-laws with us. They made the trip so much easier and I doubt we could have mastered it without their help. Not only were our family of great help, but also everyone else on the trip. We were always offered assistance by fellow pilgrims. Never were we in doubt of the love shared in this group. Mike was excellent in explaining to us where we were, why we were there, and what we should gain from the experience. We were so fortunate to have Mike as our leader. The trip was well planned and the people with us were "awesome". We will never forget this trip into the holy land or the people that made it so special. Ron & Bobbi Wells
We had a wonderful time--- took the whole family and we all loved it! Traveling with Mike and the School of Faith is the best thing we've done with our family. Trinity Travel made it easy for us and we felt like it was a first class experience! Highly recommend it!
The trip was extremely organized, everything ran smooth, the two hotels were excellent, the food in the hotel and restaurants were consistently top quality, our guide Giovanni was very informative and friendly, and Cari and Chris Hillyer were extremely attentive and helpful. All our priests gave impactful, thoughtful homilies. Mike Scherschligt's knowledge and passion for the Holy Land and the Bible cannot be matched. In short, the trip and its deepening of my faith was a once-in-a lifetime experience that will stay with me forever. Thanks to everyone that had a hand in the Pilgrimage.
Great experience, great travel team and hosts! Everything went beautifully and it's the only way to take this trip...a faith filled pilgrimage.
Amazing trip! We are still digesting all that we learned and experienced during the trip. From accommodations to meals, masses, lectures, and in country transportation and guides, all details were carefully thought out and planned. We feel blessed to have been a part of this group!
This trip was a life changing experience! It was not only a factual learning experience, but at every location we encountered Christ through song, meditation or prayer. The food and accommodations were excellent! We were so comfortable and pampered. Everything was planned and well thought out. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone!
This was my first opportunity to visit Our Lady of Guadalupe, and the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ at the same time made the trip amazing. The opportunities that Hope of the Poor, Craig and Danny, provided to meet the people of Mexico City and to care for them were memorable.
Mission trip was a very humbling experience which opened my eyes and my heart. It was not easy but Challenging physically and spiritually. Craig and Danny powerful witnesses of God’s love for the poor. I’m going next year.