Past Trips


This was my first time doing a retreat and I had an amazing time! The accommodations were very nice and the location was beautiful. The itinerary was well balanced with activities and down time which was nice and allowed you to relax in-between activities. I really enjoyed the different type of yoga classes and learn a few new poses which I loved--Christina and Cora are wonderful teachers. On top of the great yoga classes the day hike was breath taking. We were able to go at out own pace and really take in the scenery. I highly recommend Rise Up Retreats and I can't wait until my next adventure with them!
I took away so many things from this trip! The yoga instruction was phenomenal. I have some injuries that require quite a few modifications, but every yoga practice felt seamless and grounding. The organizers created such an authentic, supportive, and fun-loving space, as well as a well balanced schedule. I felt I could really get the "relax" and social-mixing parts from my retreat experience, but also have a chance to look inward, learn new things, and deepen my practice. The hike was so beautiful, and gave us all an opportunity to either soak up the peacefulness and scenery, or get a chance to get to know one another. What an amazing experience! I'm so grateful I could be there!
Great weekend. Very well organized. Comfortable , and relaxing environment. Host were very pleasant and entertaining. Would definitely sign up for another retreat with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Going on a retreat with Rise Up Retreats and Adventures is kind of like having an immaculately planned getaway with amazing friends...if your friends happen to also be highly skilled and educated yoga instructors, outdoors specialists, and more! I had the pleasure of going on a mini-retreat with Rise Up, and I have to say I'm a convert. There are so many retreats out there to choose from and it has always been a little overwhelming and slightly intimidating at times to choose one and hope it's a good fit. But, what set these guys apart is their effortless authenticity, supportive nature, and holistic approach to wellness and general good times. I left my retreat feeling empowered, rejuvenated, relaxed and grateful. The day just flowed so well from activity to activity, that it didn't feel clunky, over-structured or awkward like some experiences I've had in the past, so the time just flew by. I also got to meet some really great people I would have never otherwise been able to. I highly recommend any retreat offered by Rise Up, thank you SO much Christina and Jessica for making it a special experience for all!