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This trip was amazing!! Cole is so gifted in teaching yoga, guiding meditation and facilitating wonderful activities. The food was fantastic throughout, the accommodations were excellent and the overall group atmosphere was phenomenal; we felt like a family. I am thrilled to have made some friends for life in our yoga tribe. Much thanks to Cole for sharing her knowledge, wisdom and expertise in the healing arts, as well as showing us the beautiful island and culture of Bali!! I will cherish these memories forever!
Beyond nourishing. Exceeded my expectations on every level ✨ than you Cole and everyone at Giam tribe ?
Words truly cannot describe how wonderful this experience was for me. Between the daily yoga and writing workshops, beautiful landscape, wild excursions, plenty of down time, and the authentic and genuine people that I met on this trip, it’s safe to say this experience was life-changing. It allowed me to take a step back from the daily grind and focus on what’s most important - connection, creativity, and gratitude. I have never felt so alive, grounded, balanced and at peace with everything all in one week. I will definitely be joining more of Cole and Victoria’s retreats in the future. Thank you so much for everything!
By Ashley Hamill for Poetic Patagonia on 9 Feb, 20
An absolutely amazing experience. Cole and Elena were exceptional guides and hosts. It is an experience I will never forget.
By Kristal Alfonso for Journey to Freedom on 19 Sep, 19
I had an absolutely amazing time with Cole and Elena and the entire group. The experience was unforgettable and so so nourishing. Exactly what I needed. Thank you!
By Bri Bird for Journey to Freedom on 12 Sep, 19
I had a great time. After following Cole’s yoga practice for the past few years through Youtube, I was able to enjoy a few days with her by participating in this retreat. She is charismatic, warm, professional and very inspirational. The practices were challenging and the workshops very interesting; they delve into patterns we might not notice, and into emotional landscapes. It was soulful, intense and rewarding. The atmosphere created altogether created a safe environment conducive to growth, we opened up and talked about our fears and challenges. Many of us don’t have this opportunity in their life, nor do they have the loving ear that can offer support. Cole is a beautiful person, inside and out and I would come back again for more. Namaste Marie
By Marie Idiart for Journey to Freedom on 11 Sep, 19
Amazing. There are no words on how special this trip was. Family, love, engaging, relaxing. ..Perfection.
By Reagan Wynn for Journey to Freedom on 11 Sep, 19
This was my first yoga retreat and it was an amazing experience. Cole and Elena did a great job organizing and helping build a community. It was truly a valuable and life changing experience.
By Rachel Borgen for Journey to Freedom on 11 Sep, 19
Had an amazing trip. The trip was well-organized with the perfect combination of yoga, writing, excursions, and free-time. Accommodations were as-described, food was incredible- local, deliscious, and fresh. Overall, a wonderful experience. Thank you!!
This was a unique experience. We were way out in the Portuguese countryside, which was perfect for a wellness retreat. The food that was made at the retreat center was delicious and the recipes were creative. The daily yoga practice was suitable for all levels of practice. The field trips were great.
Life changing experience. Rob, Des, Cole and Eco created something really special. Learned I love sailing and doing yoga on a boat. Made what feels like lifelong friends. Can’t communicate enough how much I appreciate these beautiful people.
Thank you so much to Cole and Echo for your warmth and love and for everything you did for us. The trip was a lot of fun: the yoga classes were great, I loved Echo's games, the workshops were excellent. The food was amazing, and the accommodations were fabulous, the hosts at Om Waters and at Mala Dhara were so gracious, and everyone on the trip were amazing people and it didn't take long to feel like one big family!
This trip was amazing! I have already been to Guatemala so I was familiar with the surroundings but this was my first time out of the country alone and on a retreat. I was a bit apprehensive at first but quickly felt so at ease when meeting Cole and Jen. They were great at organizing events, being personable with their members, and always offering guidance. I felt so comfortable with them and their presence filled me with confidence in my practice. I loved the group, the atmosphere, all of the various workshops and ways for us to connect. We were all able to connect authentically and I have to thank Cole and Jen for setting up the vibe that we were safe and we can be our true selves with each other. I loved them so much.
I had an amzing time during this wonderful retreat. Thank you so much to both Jen and Cole !!! This was an incredible experience that went so much further than my expectations of what a Bali retreat doing Thai massage and yoga had entailed. The retreat location, in a Balinese cloud forest, was gorgeous. Being surrounded by natural beauty was a great way to approach connection and intimacy, becoming better connected with each other and nature. The workshops on Thai massage and acro-yoga were great introductions into practices I want to learn and play with more in the future. The regular morning yoga practices were definitely a lovely way to wake up and start the day. I loved coming down to breakfast waiting for us all in the common dining area. Group meals together were definitely a highlight of the experience. I think food carries such deep cultural tradition of togetherness and connection, sharing and conversing and nuturing each other. I enjoyed the outings, especially the walks through the jungle and learning about wild edibles from the local guides. There were only two things I wanted more of: 1) More free time to just sit and visit with each other, without having the exhaustion of such full days. 2) A longer workshop or retreat in general. Ideally I want it to last a lifetime, but I think at least 2 weeks would be better to more fully integrate the practices and connect with each other. I am really happy that there are so many of this group that all live in Austin and I look forward to reconnecting back home and cooking delicious Balinese food together or practicing yoga and acro and Thai massage with each other. This was more than a workshop. I fully intend to take the genuinity of connection and openness and vunerability with me in life to share and spread more love and connection to as many people as are willing. I think everyone needs to experience this in thier lives. Thank you again.
This retreat was the most amazing experience. It was an incredible combination of activities, wonderful food, fantastic accommodations, and Cole Chance and Jen Hilman were supremely organized and led incredible workshops. Changed my life and view on travel.
Had a great time. Well organized retreat. We stayed at the wonderful Bali Mountain Retreat? where they served good food with love and helped us with whatever we needed. Nice rice field trekking, temple trek and much more.... I so thankful for this great experience!