Past Trips


My week with Cornelius and Steven was magical in every way. I went to take a big exhale after a challenging last 12 months. I got way more out of the week than I could have ever imagined. I left as a better version of myself. I left with more direction and purpose. I left with a sense of self that had been missing for quite some time. The group dynamics were pure magic. I miss them all and can't wait for our reunion. Cornelius and Steven have true super powers in leading a retreat such as this and I feel as if I won the lottery having been able to participate.
By Suzanne Boots K for Recharge, Release, and Rise with Cornelius & Steven on 15 Jul, 2021
This was a divine and synergistic experience for me. Everyone there was suppose to be present participating & supporting the process. Thank You Cornelius & Steven for being such knowledgeable & in tune coaches. I feel that we all had a level of breakthrough in some kind of way. So many tools to learn & walk away with for our lives. Recharging, Releasing & Manifesting was activated in my life for sure. Gratitude & appreciation to you two and our entire group. Namaste 🙏🏽
By Stu J for Recharge, Release, and Rise with Cornelius & Steven on 12 Jul, 2021
I feel really blessed to have been on a retreat for 8 wonderful days where nothing, not even a hurricane, could rain on our parade. The trip was so much better than I imagined. Cornelius and Steven did an amazing job preparing all the classes & workshops, while still tuning in to what the group needed and letting their intuition take the reins. They created a magical experience, and attracted a beautiful group of people that I will never forget. I highly recommend this retreat to anyone in need of healing movement, relaxation, and overall FUN!!
By Natalie G for Recharge, Release, and Rise with Cornelius & Steven on 12 Jul, 2021