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My longtime girlfriend and I attended this retreat on the recommendation of one of our friends and it could not have been more incredible. Xinalani is an amazing resort with outstanding food (and drinks), the friendliest staff, and peaceful, relaxing surroundings but what really made this experience special was the energy and instruction Cornelius brought to the yoga sessions and workshops. I went to this retreat being a fringe practicer of yoga - expecting to attend a few sessions here and there - however I left feeling as if I had an epiphany when it came to yoga and could not get enough of it. Cornelius is so passionate and truly loves what he does and wants to share that feeling and passion with his students. Regardless of where you are in your yoga journey, you will find the sessions fun, challenging, and meaningful. I could not recommend this retreat more highly and would jump at the chance to attend again in the future.
By Wyatt S for S.O.C.H.A. Yoga Retreat 2021 on 02 Mar, 2021
The location is beautiful and Xinalani was an amazing place to stay. Cornelius is doing what he was born to do. His passion is contagious and his classes are challenging and fun. I would love to do another retreat with him again. Perfect if you’re looking for a vacation with the perfect balance of relaxation and movement.
By Stephanie C for S.O.C.H.A. Yoga Retreat 2021 on 18 Jan, 2021
This experience was absolutely magnificent. I thank Cornelius for bringing us together at the Xinalini. He’s the best. Love him so much. The staff at the Xinalani was also very accommodating and so nice. I loved every moment, except the raccoons that came for a visit. Lol! I can’t wait to come back. Many thanks. ♥️🙏🏽♥️
By Rajina U for S.O.C.H.A. Yoga Retreat 2021 on 18 Jan, 2021