Past Trips


Inspiring instruction in a safe environment within which to explore and grow. A great, professionally run experience and opportunity to connect. Thank you.
The workshop was fantastic for me. The exercise to share tools and experiences with individuals somehow similar to me from around the world in a secure and somehow anonymous environment was great. For sure I will keep alert about any news, articles and event from this amazing team of friends.
I found ‘Who Am I?’ to be a genuine mind-opening experience that has stuck with me ever since. Turbulence at work had meant questions around identity had been bubbling up for a while but I wasn’t entirely sure how to put the pieces together. This retreat helped me do exactly that. I was a little tentative initially but the two-hour taster convinced me to sign up for the full two days and I’m so glad I did. It was brilliantly curated and facilitated, with just the right number of attendees to foster a strong sense of community over the two days. Highly recommend.
A unique, meaningful and powerful weekend retreat. Despite being at home, I was transported around the world and inside my own body. Expertly facilitated, this is an experience that will stay with me and enable further personal change. Thank you!
I participated in the retreat after having a "taste" in the shorter one-day version. The full two-day experience was amazing: it allowed me to meet other people and learn from them, share my own thoughts and feelings, and explore interesting new tools I can use to better understand myself. It was absolutely worth it - can’t wait for the next one!
This was a great experience. I was not sure what to expect, but all my expectations were met: so much, I decided to participate in the longer two-day retreat a few weeks later. Thank you for offering these spaces for growth and safe sharing!
At the height of lockdown, I had the incredible opportunity to participate in this workshop and I could not recommend it more. It was cathartic and empowering. At first, I thought it was the relief from mental exhaustion caused by the pandemic that made it so impactful. However, it turned out to be a journey in understanding the immense power of self-care, self-worth and self-actualisation and how alike the challenges and experiences are for other gay men. It's been three months since I attended and I can say with confidence that the Who am I? Weekend was the catalyst to better understanding, exploring and improving my mental health.
I'm not sure where to start and almost feel myself at a loss for words. I'm not even sure that words can fully capture what Create Space Retreats has accomplished. I wish there was a way to effectively project and transmit the feelings that the Who Am I? Series conjured and dispelled for me -- being an extremely positive and uplifting experience. I won't be able to express enough how great of an experience I had. What a great concept they put together. What great moments they created. And, what a great pedgigolotical process that they acheived. I have gone through a lot of therapy and varying types of therapy at that -- all of which has helped heal and grow me as a Black, gay man, and as human, navigating our world's societies. But this retreat that CSR put on was a new and unique -- a healing circle if you will -- affinity within the community that felt like it was designed for me, as gay man, seeming to understand and take into account not just my queerness and gay experience, but my intersectionality as a whole. I highly recommend CSR. I also look forward to it expanding in breadth to other identities within queerness and helping to create a transformative experience in depth for others as it did for me. I'm so grateful for the experience and the fellowship -- it was a breath of fresh air, and development for a continued breath of fresh air.
Every gay man needs to do this retreat! The weekend is brilliantly planned out and expertly led by the facilitators. Initially I found the aspect of doing the virtual retreat over an entire weekend daunting, did I really want to give up an entire weekend and talk about deep emotions & feelings with strangers? These worries were lifted almost instantly, I couldn't believe how easy and relaxed it was to chat freely and openly with the facilitators & other participants and I didn't want the weekend to end. The biggest highlight and takeaway for me was getting to chat and listen to shared experiences that we've all internalised for years but unfortunately rarely share with each other. It was an experience I've never had before and hope it's not the last.
Excellent retreat with some fantastic facilitators and workshops. Even with remote delivery of the programme, the organisers were fully able to foster a sense of community between participants and create a safe environment for sharing, reflection and exploration. Being quite bad at creating space for myself to reflect and look after my own mental wellbeing as frequently as I should, this programme has given me some tools and practices to regularly take into my every day life. Would definitely recommend for anyone who needs to slow down a bit, take a step back and create space for themselves to get into a better headspace - whcih in the current environment I think is everyone!
Really rewarding experience, presenting opportunities to ask so bigger questions regarding identity, belonging and the experiences we learn that shape us. Its a real triumph and is so well tailored to online delivery so definitely don't let that discourage you. Im grateful for the opportunity to try exercises I would never have previously considered and to also have open and vulnerable discussions with peers. Highly recommend.
I'd never explored my identity and gay culture with like-minded people before and found it really inspiring. Combined with the amazing meditation, mindfulness and breathwork techniques, I felt a huge sense of calm post-retreat and like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders.
I would thoroughly recommend this to any gay man. It's so beneficial to take the time out to reflect as I think it's something that can so easily be ignored. The course was facilitated and structured really well and it's given me some insights into myself and food for thought.
How refreshing... to attend a workshop and space where we got to DIVE DEEP, FEEL INCLUDED and learn about The SELF. If you are looking for a space beyond the surface and craving for conversation that will take you beyond the usual Hum Drum then I highly recommend this brilliantly curated few hours. From the guest speaker to the attendees and the facilitators there was never a moment to feel like you did not belong. I applaud the brilliant minds and the BIG hearts that put this together and look forward to discovering more within this framework. Thank you for a Wonderful Workshop!! I will definitely be looking into attending for a full weekend.
A positive growing experience. So much covered in a short time. I would definitely recommend this retreat to others. A very kind and compassionate environment
I really enjoyed this workshop. I was initially drawn to book this after seeing a video by the founder, Michael where he said something that really resonated with me - “In order to move forward as a community, we need to heal first”. I couldn’t have put it better. I was a little worried everybody would be much younger than me but that wasn’t the case at all. Right from the offset I connected & related to the people & content & knew I had made the right decision. Thankyou to everyone involved in putting this event on. I’m looking forward to expanding on what was covered & I am interested in attending the forthcoming 2 day retreat online after this taster. Some lovely people in the group work & very refreshing to mix with other gay men in a totally different environment. I live with hearing loss & use Bluetooth technology to stream sound to my listening devices & the sound was good quality throughout. If you are interested in attending a Create Space workshop - my advice is to bite the bullet & do it - you will be glad you did. Many thanks.
This weekend was a perfect step into looking at why we behave how we do, how we can start to notice and understand particular habits and how to unpick them to make space for new, more beneficial and freeing ones. The facilitators made it very easy to talk, open up and share your experiences. The group was small enough to feel intimate but big enough to not feel pressured to have to share if you didn't want to. I would fully recommend this to anyone who is looking to explore their behaviours with likeminded individuals, and also to better understand mutual experiences of the queer community.
Before the weekend I thought this was a big commitment, to dedicate two days to a course is a big ask for me but very quickly I realised I needed this. It's so unique to be in a (virtual) room with a handful of queer men talking about ourselves and sharing our thoughts and reflections on where we are and who we are or like to be. A lot of the topics discussed I've thought about before over and over again but sometimes you just need to take a step back from life and talk to a stranger about it (or multiple in this case) to get true perspective on where you are in life and self. What I really liked about this course is that it never felt like a 'webinar' or 'workshop' and always felt like a well curated guided experience and that really helped with creating a safe space to discuss openly with others. I enjoyed the mindfulness and breath-work incorporated into the programme. In my day to day life I'm usually doing a lot for other people and it felt like I was treating myself by carving out time FOR myself.
The most amazing thing about the weekend - was realising how much I needed it and how I'd never had that quality of thought and conversation with other gay men before. I felt I was both challenging and spoiling myself at the same time. There was a spirit of kindness throughout - we had never met but we all knew each other and were open to each other. This really was only the beginning and I'm excited about what's next.
This retreat serves as a reminder that we can always learn more about our selves. In today's face-paced world and culture of seeking immediate satisfaction and gratification, this is a unique opportunity to unlearn all the toxic behaviours we have learnt over the years in a safe space whilst building community and resilience. This experience is essential to equip future leaders and shapers of our community. It felt amazing to hit the pause button and zoom in and look after that one person that matters!
A group of queer men sharing their honest thoughts and feelings, discussing their emotional journey and past experiences, all moving towards a place of understanding, empathy and growth. Surely this should be a normal thing, but it's not! And that's why this course is so necessary. I stepped into this programming, not really considering if I needed "help or guidance", or believing I had anything to share. By the end, my mindset was completely changed. This retreat challenged my thinking and gave me a new perspective on myself through helpful workshops, guided mediation and sharing my experiences with a group of strangers. This course helped me move past some of my own individual insecurities and allowed me to share my experiences in a safe, positive and reassuring space. This course is great for those at the beginning of their journey or the experts out there that just need to check in with themselves.
This retreat opened up lots of questions for me around identity and the impact that being gay had on me growing up. Connecting with others and the opportunity to have open and trusting discussions about who we are, where we come from, and who we want to be left me with lots of food for thoughts. The holistic activities left me feeling relaxed and nourished — something I struggle to do when I do have the time. The retreat felt like something positive for myself when I'm usually feeling under pressure to do something for everyone else.
A great weekend of learning to understand myself, sharing experiences and gaining skills to bring some calm to the noise of living. Introspection can often feel like hard work but the retreat twisted that with a sense of playfulness throughout the experience .
This workshop was extremely well delivered. Due to covid-19 this was delivered online and I was impressed by the level of organisation and structure. The pre-reading was comprehensive and the support with onboarding was excellent. The course itself was powerful. It included a range of group-work, reflection, interviews and explored the themes of exploring your identity as a gay man through a number of psychological, societal and spiritual lenses. The workshop gave me the space and time to explore aspects of my identity and connect concepts in new and interesting ways. I would strongly recommend this workshop to anyone who is on their personal journey as a gay man (regardless of the stage they are at). Thank you to the CSR team!
Fantastic weekend retreat. The experience was well organised, thought provoking and inclusive. I loved the mixture of activities and felt integrated into the group perfectly. I'd certainly recommend and would love to participate again.
A thought provoking weekend that mixed physical exercises with open group discussions and breakout sessions. It certainly raised some new insights for me, many thanks to the team for organising this
Remarkable, unique experience that I’d recommend to anyone willing to try it. A very comprehensive, but accessible workshop that felt like a safe space for sharing and learning. We will be sure to return!
The retreat provided me with a moment to pause, reflect and review what motivates me and what I stand for. The knowledge, skills and techniques I learnt on the retreat will help me achieve my future personal and professional goals
Programmes like this not only help to empower people with these tools but also offer a safe, shared space where people can express openness and vulnerability, as well as finding community and connection with others.
Create Space Retreat, actually really succeed to create a true and safe space where conversation allows you to share freely and where working on our own experiences in life is happening on a quality mutual and supportive retreat. Bravo for the organisation.
I am a big believer in the work Create Space Retreats team are doing! Well done to everyone in the team for bringing this together! I thought the whole retreat was very well organised and the information pack was really useful. I felt a great sense of community and connection with other participants, and the retreat gave me a safe environment to explore and share my personal beliefs.
An opportunity to learn skills to help reset your body and mind in a world where it’s often hard to find time for yourself.
“Probably the best ten hours I’ve spent learning about myself, challenging my feelings and helping me decide on a future course of action.”
Create Space Retreats have put together a really important program specifically tailored for gay men to better understand who they are. It was carefully thought out, with different components addressing different aspects of our identities, all coming together in a holistic way. The organisation was great, booking process easy and communication clear. The information package was also nicely designed and inviting. All in all, a fantastic retreat, I'd definitely recommend it!
Having participated in previous wellness initiatives, I was interested to see if I would walk away with new insight. In short - yes. But more important, I left this experience with new tools and actional steps to employ on my mental health journey
Really insightful and thought-provoking programme, exploring what it means to be a gay man today. There was a good mix of 'play shops', visualisation, breath work, mindfulness, meditation, group sharing and break out sessions. The group itself was big enough to feel intimate and small enough to feel private - the perfect safe space for sharing thoughts and feelings, and to hear what everyone else had to say. Michael was open and engaging as the host and founder. Maylis was a Zoom pro and provided really clear communication ahead of the retreat. Together, they made the programme work and run smoothly as a virtual retreat. I would definitely recommend exploring this and future programmes if, like me, you're interested in being more self-aware, delving into your own mind, and learning some new thinking strategies!


I attended the Who Am I retreat in early June to explore my identify as a gay man. I found the retreat a life-enriching experience. The communication before the retreat was excellent and I particularly enjoyed the pre-retreat call. It was an intense two days - and virtual because of lockdown - but the conversations were enriching and inspiring and I thought that the structure and content was very well designed. Recommended!
By Freddie Brodermann on 30 Jun, 20
I took part in a weekend Who Am I? retreat and highly recommend it. The group size is intimate so never feels too daunting and you're able to build connections well. Maylis was a fantastic organiser - felt there was great communication from pre-booking right through to afterwards. Michael is a fantastic host, he leads the retreat with from a place of kindness, vulnerability and openness I find really commendable. Whether you're new to self exploration or a seasoned pro - I think this is worth doing.
By Jamie McHale on 1 Sep, 20