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Absolute paradise! The food was outstanding. We had multiple opportunities for exploring and plenty of free time to enjoy the amenities like pool, waterfall, and hikes. I would go again right now if possible!
This trip was easily the best experience of my life. Between the supportive local community and the DDY tribe, growth was endless. This experience provided me with the tools to tap into myself and really learn how to serve others. It has forever changed my life as I embark on a new journey. I just recently became a teacher at a Baptiste studio because I was able to collect all of the tools provided and apply them to this new life. I am forever grateful for the DDY team, for Shelley, and for every student on the trip who was brave, open and vulnerable. The connection between everyone cannot even be put into words, just a strong feeling of community and support. Thank you x 10000 for this experience, I hold every moment close to my heart! If you are thinking of going, GO. You are ready now! Go be in it.
From the time I submitted my application for teacher training, I felt nothing less than support. Shelley and her entire team was nothing less than awesome- knowledgeable, engaging, professional, and took the time to be of service for/with us. I went into this training with a few certifications under my belt and came out a brand new person- the work in dropping what I knew to fully invest in becoming my true, most authentic self. Each workshop, each class, each conversation left me more confident to stand in front of a class; along with the solidified feeling I was right where I was meant to be. This was the greatest investment I have made for myself to this date and I am beyond thankful for the never ending support I receive from my fellow teacher training graduates and the teaching team. Give up what you must and BE A YES!
This is such an amazing opportunity for anyone really- wanna be a badass yoga teacher? YES. wanna improve your yoga practice? YES. wanna find out MORE about yourself? YES. When it comes to yoga, there's always so much to learn & so much room to grow. I absolutely loved every single minute, second I spent with my team during my teacher training- met great people from all over the place and most importantly, I learned so much about myself throughout the training. Overall, this was def a life change experience and I highly recommend DDY's DR teacher training! They have the best team ever and you will not regret it!
This trip was the reset and refresh my heart and soul needed. I was able to escape reality and technology by surrounding myself with the beautiful landscapes of Joshua Tree and the most amazing group of strong women. The highlight of the retreat was the vortex-labyrinth ceremony. The ceremony was focused on leaving behind the doubts and thoughts that are no longer serving you and to replace them with a new thoughts of empowerment and self-love.
Magical for mind, body, spirit - safe, wonderful people, food - EVERYTHING!!! Joshua Tree was a great place for a yoga retreat. I released my stress and found a new side of myself. I felt I became a better person. Thanks to Shelley and June, I'll never forget this trip.
Transformation in the Desert was such a wonderful retreat! Shelley and June did an amazing job leading us and guiding us throughout the retreat. There was room for relaxation and reflection, as well as adventure. I loved getting to meet and spend time with so many wonderful people who opened up their hearts and minds to everyone in our group. The magic of Joshua Tree paired with a DDY retreat made for an unforgettable experience!
Unforgettable memories, lasting friendships, amazing experience and the best yoga training ...all at once! Worth every moment and penny. Can’t wait to travel again!
This trip was fantastic and the training was truly transformative. Shelley and the rest of her Dancing Dogs Yoga team are extremely supportive and professional. The Dominican Treehouse Village is so unique and the staff are warm and attentive. This was not my first Dancing Dogs Yoga Retreat and it was not my last. If you love travel and yoga, I highly recommend Dancing Dogs Yoga Retreats. I would go anywhere with them.
I had the best experience on this trip! I can’t wait to go on my next trip with ddy retreats. Joshua tree was a beautiful setting for a yoga retreat. Everything was planned very nicely. I enjoyed the hiking, meeting new people, the accommodations and the food was delicious! Thank you Shelley and June for a magical experience. I’m so glad I decided to take the plunge and go on a yoga retreat!
1000 stars all the way! What a way to do yoga teacher training. Wow! The people, the accommodations, the leadership - all top notch. I could never imagine being able to experience so much fun and learning at the same time. I got everything I wanted and then so much more.
This trip was fantastic! The environment and the adventure were magical. Shelley and June did a great job going with the flow and feeling out the wants and needs of the participants. We had fun while creating community and discovering more about ourselves. I would highly recommend this transformational weekend to others! *I almost forgot... that food y'all. Pure Heaven!
We had an amazing experience in The Desert with wonderful people, mouth watering meals along with cozy accommodations, and breathtaking landscape adventures!! Such a fantastic trip with a fabulous host!!
Transformation in the Desert - Not as I expected. Set your expectations and ask more questions next time. First let me start by saying this was my first ever yoga retreat. I was looking forward to doing the work for the transformation, along with a slight chance to release and relax. However, not knowing what to expected, I will say I was highly disappointed in my first yoga retreat. I felt the retreat lacked real direction in meeting the theme of Transformation, and the promise of the retreat being spectacular, fun, exciting, and expansive. The greatest part about the retreat was getting to meet a group of great people who all were at different walks in their Journey. Regarding inner work and the workshop. Since there was no set daily itinerary, there was very little if any inner work. The Intro Class | Primordial Sound Meditation felt very rushed and left me feeling uneasy. There was no evening Yoga class/meditation/journaling on the first evening, since we took the evening to go visit the Park, and see the sunset, which was amazing. The first night of the retreat left me looking forward, hopefully to the morning yoga session. Unfortunately the morning session did not happen, if I recall correctly, as we were informed that we needed to leave for the Park, immediately after breakfast. The remainder of the morning into the afternoon was spent going from site to site in the park taking photos or taking in the view, before we shuffled off to the next area in the park for more photos. Don't get me wrong, I love a great photo here and there, but once again, where did the inner work lie, where was I to find this transformation that I signed up for? Where was the work? Although this was not a teacher training, I still felt that the leaders owed me/us more from a workshop/inner work point of view. ... There is so much more in my head right now, but I guess I really did not know what to expect for the money spent on this retreat. The hard part for me is speaking my truth about all of what I have shared above, ... Fast-forward, the Saturday evening of the retreat allowed for additional bonding with the great humans I had met and spent the past 6 hours in a car with, as we moved throughout the park. Sunday morning’s trip to the labyrinth was beautiful, as it was my first time experiencing a labyrinth. I will say that the experience left me feeling at peace and knowing that my purpose and what I needed to take away from this retreat was fulfilled. Regarding the lodging: I'm sure this was a great location back in the earlier times. Not know what to expect from a lodging standpoint, the location was very lack luster. The facility is very outdated, and I am not sure how the price point was determined or what the price point was for lodging, as there was not a detailed invoice that broke out the lodging, taxes, ground fees, meals, and workshop fee. I was very disappointed in the lodging arrangements, as we were not told to bring extra linens (towels, tissue, etc.) Our bathroom was flooded with ants the entire trip, the hot water was hard to work, the bedding and the amenities in the room were below standard. I had to purchases additional linens as I had expected to be provided more than one towel, face cloth, etc., maybe this is where my real transformation lies? Regarding the meals: There was a variety of food, however, and the food was just OK, to me. Not knowing the price point for the meals, there is no way to grade the meal quality. During the 3 day period the only real meal I had was Friday evening when we ate at the local restaurant. The chef catered meals were not, or did not work for me. Overall: The retreat afforded me to meet some great individuals, and to connect with many on a deeper level. However regarding the inner-work/workshop aspect of the retreat, I think there is more work that should have been put into the planning of the retreat, and not just summing it up as being led by the spirit, especially when the retreat-or is spending $$$$ for a great experience.
This was a wonderful trip! Perfect mix of yoga and adventures. Love being able to go on these trips to see new places and make new friends. Every trip I can go on with DDY and Shelley, I will!
Such an incredible magical trip. The house/retreat center could have used some renovations, but I had such a beautiful time with fellow yogis and just to relax and let go. :)
This was one of the most magical trips I have ever taken!
Wonderful and most perfect location for a 200hr yoga teacher certification program! I highly recommend Shelley + Dancing Dogs Yoga teacher training if you want to dive into how to powerfully teach yoga and also dive deep into becoming a better you. This training was even more powerful in a jungle/tree house village location to completely immerse in the program instead of a studio. It's well worth it to make the trip of a lifetime- especially when you get done with lots of learning and there's a buffet of food and fresh fruit juices waiting for you in the dining hall. It was magical and fitting to fall asleep to tree frogs singing, be disconnected from the internet, be more connected to the Earth's elements, and be a part of a close knit community of like minded strangers who quickly felt like family! We had lots of time to study yoga, be a community during dinner and for our excursions. Loved the zipline, pool, relaxing time on the hammocks, being a bike ride away from the beach, talking to other guests visiting the village, etc. Loved the food and the staff was very accommodating for our training. We were not only guests, but friends with the whole staff after day 1. Dancing Dogs picked a perfect location for this training. You will leave fully renewed for yourself and empowered to teach a badass yoga class to empower your community at home!
I had the most incredible time assisting with the 200hr teacher training at The Dominican Tree House Village. I had opportunities to grow my own abilities to lead and train new yoga teachers, as well as experience continued learning myself. The entire trip was a seamless experience and you can tell that Shelley and Christine put a lot of effort into making this trip fun and educational for trainees. I'm pretty sure I'll be coming back every year to assist with this training - that's how wonderful it was.
Extremely well organized and great value! By far the experience of a lifetime. Aside from the excellent facilitators, the employees and community were exceptionally friendly and helpful. The facilitators were an absolute dream team.


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