Past Trips


It was clear that Danni poured his heart into making sure that everyone attending this retreat felt welcome and well cared for from booking through departure. The venue was wonderful and encouraged socializing amongst the participants. Danni and Rocky's teaching styles were different, yet complimentary, and it was nice to have different perspectives in class. The retreat struck a good balance between asana, reflection, and fun, while providing enough free time to explore Todos Santos and the surrounding area. Overall I really enjoyed myself and would go again.
I could have not have asked for a better experience from the time I signed up to the time I left the retreat. The process was seamless signing up and the retreat and Mexico are exactly what I expected and even more. Danni and Rocky delivered an NYE that I will never forget.
Danni is an excellent instructor on the mat who also teaches you to take your yoga teachings into your life. It was a beautiful weekend, the place is rustic but very comfortable. The food was delicious, Sagrada’s staff is caring and they make you feel at home. Danni makes it a very relaxed weekend and encourages everyone to take care of themselves ❤️ I left renewed and eager to learn more from Danni in the near future.
Great group of people. Sagrada was lovely. Danni lead some wonderful classes which incorporated a deeper physical and mechanical understanding of the poses, while allowing for varying skill levels. The vegetarian food was great, and made with love by the fantastic staff. And the pool time was fantastic. I would certainly return to the location or join Danni on another adventure.
This was an amazing, relaxing weekend. The food was absolutely amazing, the grounds were beautiful and the yoga classes, were thoughtful and informative. My only wish is that they were a bit longer. Never can have too much yoga at a yoga retreat!! Thanks so much Danni! You’re AWESOME!!!
I loved my entire experience. I am a changed person inside and out. I love Danni and Yvonne. Would recommend this training to everyone.
Food for the soul. Nice balance between yoga retreat and extracurricular activities. Was not expecting so much focus on the meditation, chanting, and journaling--which, for me, is way harder than the physical practice. I needed it and really appreciated the heart Danni put into the guided meditations. I loved the high quality food the chefs at Soulshine prepared for us daily. The veggie forward menu made me feel great. They could have spiced it up a bit, I felt like they really tamed down (omitted) the heat from what traditionally would be spicy dishes. But the service and friendliness at the resort was top notch. I would have appreciated more detailed descriptions (maybe websites to check out before the trip) of the daily excursion options. In a couple instances, the level of physical exertion, skill required, or conditions were definitely misrepresented. But I thought the offerings were wonderful and really enjoyed everything I did.
By lauren clark for Bali Soul Recharge on 28 Mar, 19
I had an amazing time! The group was truly wonderful, the venue was a dream and very comfortable. The staff at Soulshine was beyond accommodating and the food was delicious (those pancakes though!). Thank you for an experience I will never forget!!!
By Lara Guroff for Bali Soul Recharge on 26 Mar, 19
The recharge retreat was magical. The location of the resort was nicely tucked away within the rice fields giving a sense of tranquility. The mix of mediation and yoga perfectly fed the atmosphere. It was a wonderful group of genuine, caring, inspiring souls. It was a great mix of relaxation, adventure and exploration.
By Genevive Cueva for Bali Soul Recharge on 26 Mar, 19
Fabulous!! The accommodations were very clean and very comfortable. The food was excellent!! The staff was friendly and efficient, and very helpful. There was a variety of activities and services available. Lots of restaurants, shops, and galleries in the nearby town made it a great place for day trips. The yoga room was very spacious, and there were ample mats and props. Danni is a great yoga teacher, and worked really hard to make this a very enjoyable and relaxing trip for everyone. Highly recommended!!!
Pachamama Facilities was a fabulous place! The staff was very helpful and the food they served was the best! Topped with great yoga practices - twice a day! Didn't want to leave.
Albert & I had a great time relaxing, chilling and yogaing. Thank you for the wonderful experience.
By Lily Merchant for Cazadero Retreat on 14 Aug, 18
Amazing food, location and retreat!
This was awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Sagrada. I was able to take away a handful of key points that will help me grow as a teacher. One thing I do wish though, is that we had practiced more yoga. One a day was not enough. I do see the importance from lecture, but sometimes you learn even more from just taking a class. I would have loved at least two practices a day. Thank you!
This retreat was really everything you could ask for and more. Classes with Danni are always a treat and to have several days with him and a great group of people was so wonderful. The property and scenery were beautiful. The food was excellent, very fresh, and healthy and sleeping arrangements were super comfortable. Can't recommend highly enough.
Wonderful trip. Danni put together an awesome weekend with yoga, great food, and more importantly, great people.
Didn't want it to end! The space is beautiful, quiet, and a home away from home. Danni and the rest of the staff at Sagrada were awesome. Food was great, yoga was great, and there was plenty of space to have solo time.